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Oliver Louis Sarko

…shows Sarko inside of a room identified by U.S. Capitol Police as a room utilized by the spouses of the U.S. senators. His entry into the building is not detailed….

Frank J. Scavo

Scavo admitted to the FBI he was inside the Capitol from approximately 2:42 p.m. to 2:50 p.m. on January 6. There is no detail of any violence committed by him….

Amy Schubert

There are pictures of both John and Amy Schubert inside the Capitol. Nothing in either of their Statements of Facts details violence committed by either of them….

Kimberly Wargo

Kimberly Wargo and her son Colton spent approximately 30 minutes inside of the Capitol. They appear to walk peacefully inside the Rotunda and hallways as though they are taking a…

John A. Schubert

There are pictures of both John and Amy Schubert inside the Capitol. Nothing in either of their Statements of Facts details violence committed by either of them….

Colton Wargo

…a 3 minute period, as though they are on a tour. They were inside the Capitol for approximately 30 minutes and did not appear to act violently or break anything….

Jerry Daniel Braun

…outside of the Capitol. In addition, he supposedly argued with a photographer and struck him with this plank. It was unclear what the photographer was doing or saying to him….

James Haffner

…take part in removing and reorganizing metal barriers and are constantly on the “front s”. Haffner is captured on video spraying what appears to be a chemical irritant at Police…

Anthime Joseph Gionet

Video and social media posts confirm that Gionet was present at the Capitol on January 6th. He chanted with the crowd and interviewed others before exiting. He left after a…

Daniel Paul Gray

Social media and video footage indicates Gray was present at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He told police officers outside to “stand down” and “go home.” His cell phone was…

Virginia Marie Spencer

Virginia (Jenny) and Chris Spencer both entered the Capitol Building to display their disagreement with the 2020 Election. They can be heard yelling along with the crowd demanding doors to…

Devin Kiel Rossman

According to records obtained through a search warrant served on Google, location data shows Rossman was in various locations within the US Capitol for nearly 2 hours. He made his…

Donald Chilcoat

Surveillance photos show Donald and Shawndale Chilcoat walking inside the Senate Chambers with others in the crowd. They are taking pictures and posing for photos.

Bobby Wayne Russell

Russell is alleged to have backed into the bicycle barricades police set up outside the Capitol. He was sprayed by officers, and these barricades later bre apart.

John Strand

There were many videos on mainstream news sites that depicted people in the Capitol Building. In the video, timestamped 2:27-2:29 p.m. Strand and Gold can be seen walking with a…

Henos Woldemichael

According to video footage, Woldemichael entered the Capitol Building at approximately 2:47 pm. on January 6. There was a struggle with Police while attempting to enter, and Woldemichael even got…

David Rhine

Rhine is seen on surveillance walking inside the Capitol and is holding a flag and a cowbell. He was stopped and searched by a police officer, who confiscated two …

Julio Cesar Chang

Social media posts and video footage show Chang at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He is seen walking through the building with the crowd and taking pictures with his cell…

Christina Legros

Legros and her boyfriend Isaac Thomas ire seen on surveillance entering through the Senate Wing Door and walking with the crowd through the crypt. They appear to act peacefully and…

Douglas Sweet

…arresting individuals who had unlawfully entered the building, including Sweet and Fitchett. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) uncovered no evidence that Sweet and Fitchett engaged in violent or disruptive…