About Us

AmericanGulag.org is a project of Jim Hoft for the benefit of the public and to provide sunshine and publicity to the scores of political prisoners wrongfully imprisoned as a result of the protest on January 6th.

There were a handful of bad actors, but the overwhelming majority of the prisoners are husbands and fathers and sons, wives and mothers and daughters — good Americans whose only crime was being invited into a public building. To suit the political purposes of the Democratic Party, these Americans have been abused, assaulted, locked in solitary confinement, and denied medical treatment.

It’s shocking to say, but America now has legitimate political prisoners, en masse.

We are raising money for the families of the Jan. 6 political prisoners. Any amount raised over and above the amount needed for our investigations will be applied to legal fees and other expenses incurred. Please consider supporting these persecuted and suffering men and women today.