Arrested Individuals

Over 700 people have been arrested in connection with the events of Jan. 6, 2021. This website provides current information about each one, including relevant news articles. If you would like to provide corrections, updates, or requests, please please contact us.

Joshua Colgan

Colgan is seen on surveillance entering the Capitol with the crowd. He appears to behave peacefully and makes statements about… Read »

Joshua Calvin Hughes

Both Joshua Hughes and his brother, Jerod Hughes, were in the group that was first to enter the Capitol Building…. Read »

Joshua Abate

Joshua Abate, Micah Coomer, and Dodge Hellonen (all 3 Active Duty Marines) entered the U.S. Capitol Building through the Senate… Read »

Joseph W. Fischer

According to his attorney, Fischer was inside the Capitol for 4 minutes. He walked inside of the Rotunda with the… Read »

Joseph Randall Biggs

Joseph Biggs holds a leadership position in the Florida Proud Boys chapter. He went to D.C along with Ethan Nordean,… Read »

Joseph Pavlik

Pavlik was accused of using chemical spray against officers in the Lower West Tunnel.

Joseph Lino Padilla

Padilla attempted to push through police barricade and was beaten by police. He moved away and helped others use a… Read »

Joseph Leyden

Joseph Leyden can be seen getting into an altercation with an MPDC Officer in what seems to be an altercation… Read »

Joseph Howe

At approximately 20 minutes and 18 seconds into this video, Howe can be seen in the hours leading up to… Read »

Joseph Irwin

Surveillance shows Irwin inside the Capitol on Jan. 6th. There is no evidence he engaged in violence while walking through… Read »

Jorge Aaron Riley

Jorge Riley is seen inside the Capitol Building, pictured confronting Capitol Police. Open-source research revealed a video entitled, “Video of… Read »

Jorden Robert Mink

Mink entered the Capitol through a bren window and allegedly to furniture from the building, ivering it into the hands… Read »

Jordan Siemers

Surveillance footage shows Llamas, Siemers, and Swoope entering the Capitol Building at approximately 3:08 PM through the Senate Wing Door…. Read »

Jordan Bonenberger

Melanie Archer and Jordan Bonenberg appear on Capitol surveillance walking through the doors and rotunda with the crowd. They do… Read »

Jonathon Owen Shroyer

Reporter and syndicated talk show host Owen Shroyer stood on the Capitol steps with his team. He is seen on… Read »

Jonathan J. Munafo

Munafo punched and officer and to his shield away, giving it to those in the crowd. He also used a… Read »

Jonathan Gennaro Mellis

Mellis allegedly struck an officer who was incessantly beating Roseanne Boyland. Boyland told police she was unable to move because… Read »

Jonathan Daniel Carlton

Danny Carlton and Bradley Weeks are pictured inside the Crypt of the U.S Capitol. Carlton states that he was forced… Read »

Jonah Elijah Westbury

Westbury is seen taking snapchat/tik t videos of himself inside the US Capitol Building. Actions regarding how he entered, or… Read »

Jonas Buxton

Buxton is seen on surveillance walking in the Capitol. There is no evidence suggesting he engaged in violence.