Arrested Individuals

Over 500 people were arrested in connection with the events of Jan. 6, 2021. This website provides current information about each one. If you would like to provide corrections, updates, or requests, please contact us.

Robert Scott Palmer

Palmer is pictured spraying a fire extinguisher and throwing it at US Capitol Police.  According to his Indictment, he also… Read more »

Jeffrey P. Sabol

Sabol is accused of assaulting a Capitol Police Officer along with other individuals.  However, it is possible these individuals were… Read more »

Christopher Kuehne

Surveillance tapes identify Kuehne at the Capitol on January 6th. Once he entered the Capitol, he allegedly grabbed a podium… Read more »

Casey Cusick

Cusick and his father were present at the Capitol on Jan 6th. They attended President Trump’s rally with David Lesperance… Read more »

Nicholas DeCarlo

Though he is not a credentialed reporter or journalist, DeCarlo said in an interview to the LA Times after January… Read more »

Justin Stoll

Stoll apparently posted concerning videos regarding politicians to a content platform called Clapper.

Sean Michael McHugh

Mchugh is pictured spraying a chemical spray towards USCP, and also grabbing ahold of the metal barricade near the scaffolding… Read more »

Nicholas Languerand

Languerand is pictured throwing stick like objects and a traffic barrier at U.S Capitol Police just outside of the Capitol… Read more »

Zachary Rehl

On January 5, 2021, at 1:23 p.m., an encrypted messaging channel entitled “Boots on the Ground”, was created for communications… Read more »

William Chrestman

Chrestman entered the Capitol with other members of the Proud Boys organization. He and others in the group moved through… Read more »

Peter Schwartz

Peter Schwartz allegedly sprayed Capitol Police with some sort of pepper spray.  Schwartz supposedly accepted the canister of pepper spray… Read more »

Kyle J. Young

Kyle was allegedly involved in a gang-up beating on Capitol Police Officer Michael Fanone.  Count seven of the DOJ indictment… Read more »

Jack Wade Whitton

Jack Whitton, along with 4 others, are faced with charges that include engaging in physical violence.  That violence was allegedly… Read more »

Jeffrey Mckellop

McKellop allegedly pushed officers back as they were spraying the crowd. While wearing a gas mask, he attempted to take… Read more »

Dominic Pezzola

Video footage showed Pezzola at the Capitol on January 6th. He is allegedly affiliated with the Proud Boys. Pezzola is… Read more »