Arrested Individuals

Over 700 people have been arrested in connection with the events of Jan. 6, 2021. This website provides current information about each one, including relevant news articles. If you would like to provide corrections, updates, or requests, please please contact us.

Cynthia Ballenger

Cynthia Ballenger and Chris Price are seen entering the Capitol. They are walking and using cell phones. There is no… Read »

Cory Ray Brannan

Brannan is seen walking inside the Capitol taking pictures with a cell phone. There is no evidence he engaged in… Read »

Cory Konold

Photo and video footage shows Konold present at the Capitol with his sister Felicia. The Konolds supposedly dismantled police barricades…. Read »

Corinne Montoni

Social media photos and posts confirm Montoni was present at the Capitol. While the filmed the events of the day… Read »

Connie Meggs

Meggs was seen on surveillance walking through the Capitol with her husband Kelly. She was with members of the Oath… Read »

Conlin Weyer

Weyer is pictured on surveillance with others as well as alone inside the US Capitol.

Colton Wargo

Colton Wargo and his mother appear to walk peacefully in and out of the Rotunda for a 3 minute period,… Read »

Cole Andrew Temple

Cole Temple and his mother entered the Capitol and to photographs and videos along with the crowd. They said they… Read »

Cody Vollan

Cody Vollan entered the Capitol with Jeremiah and Anthony Carollo. They appear to walk peacefully throughout the Rotunda.

Cody Mattice

Mattice allegedly ripped down a barrier that eventually gave protesters access into the Capitol. He and James Mault allegedly sprayed… Read »

Clifford Mackrell

Video footage shows Mackrell was present at the Capitol on Jan 6th. He allegedly struck a police officer multiple times

Derek Gunby

Derek Gunby was at the Capitol to attend the Stop the Steal rally. He says he walked into the Capitol… Read »

Clayton Ray Mullins

Video footage shows Mullins was present at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He allegedly assaulted a police officer. Mullins part… Read »

Clifford James Meteer

Meteer entered the Capitol with a homemade sign. He walked through the hallway with statues toward the house chamber, then… Read »

Felicia Konold

Felicia Konold attended the event with her brother, Cory. They marched alongside members of the Proud Boys organization. Konold stood… Read »

Cindy Fitchett

Cindy Fitchett was part of an angry crowd that did not leave the Capitol building when ordered by police.

Christopher Worrell

Although Christopher Worrell denied entering the Capitol, he assault a of law enforcement officers with pepper spraygel outside the… Read »

Christopher Warnagiris

Christopher Warnagiris is an active duty Marine officer. Warnagiris is accused of pushing his way past a of police… Read »

Christopher Ray Grider

A Waco media station interviewed Grider, who admitted being inside the building near Ashli Babbitt, a woman who was shot… Read »