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Cory Konold

Photo and video footage shows Konold present at the Capitol with his sister Felicia. The Konolds supposedly dismantled police barricades…. Read »

Felicia Konold

Felicia Konold attended the event with her brother, Cory. They marched alongside members of the Proud Boys organization. Konold stood… Read »

Christopher Kuehne

Surveillance tapes identify Kuehne at the Capitol on January 6th. Once he entered the Capitol, he allegedly grabbed a podium… Read »

William Chrestman

Chrestman entered the Capitol with other members of the Proud Boys organization. He and others in the group moved through… Read »

Louis Enrique Colon

Colon entered the Capitol along with other Proud Boys and interacted with those in the crowd. He allegedly grabbed a… Read »

Ryan Ashlock

Ashlock is accused of coordinating with William Chrestman outside of the Capitol grounds. He and others allegedly stood near the… Read »