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Richard Barnett

Barnett can be seen pictured sitting at a desk inside of Nancy Pelosi’s office around 2:50 P.M.  His weapons charges came after the FBI received a tip that in one of the pictures it looked as though he was in possession of a stun gun while being inside the building.  There is no detail of any violence committed by Barnett.

Please keep in mind that in the United States, every citizen charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty.


Civil Disorder (1) Obstruction of an Official Proceeding; Aiding and Abetting (2) Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds with a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon (3) Disorderly and Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Building or Grounds with a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon (4) Entering and Remaining in Certain Rooms in the Capitol Building (5) Disorderly Conduct in a Capitol Building (6) Parading, Demonstrating, or Picketing in a Capitol Building; Theft of Government Property (7) Theft of Government Property (8)

Case Status

Arrested 1/8. Initial appearance held 1/28/21. Ordered detained pretrial on 1/29/21. Arraigned 2/4 where he plead not guilty to all counts. Placed in High Intensity Supervision Program on 4/28/21. Jury Trial began 1/18/23. On 1/23/23, the Jury found Barnett guilty on Counts 1s-8s of the Superseding Indictment. Sentencing held on 5/24/2023, sentenced to 54 Months of Incarceration on Counts 1-4; 6 Months of Incarceration on Counts 5-7; 60 Days of Incarceration on Count 8- all terms to run concurrently. Special Assessment totaling $455. Restitution in the Amount of $2000.

USA Attorney

Alison B. Prout
Assistant United States Attorney Georgia Bar No. 141666 75 Ted Turner Drive, SW Atlanta, Georgia 30303 [email protected] (404) 581-6000

USA Attorney

Michael M. Gordon
Assistant United States Attorney Florida Bar No. 1026025 400 N. Tampa St., Suite 3200 [email protected] (813) 274-6370

USA Attorney

Nathaniel K. Whitesel
Assistant United States Attorney D.C. Bar No. 1601102 601 D Street, NW Washington, DC 20530 [email protected] (202) 252-7035

Richard Barnett's Mailing Address

NA-Released. (He was previously ordered detained then allowed bond, according to Document #26 below)

Please note: Prisoner mail is reviewed by guards. Please keep messages of encouragement to a general and/or religious nature. For example, do not mention the events of Jan. 6th or other current events under criminal investigation.

Case Documents

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