SUSPICIOUS Police Spotted at the US Capitol on Jan. 6

Photo Credits: Jim Price, The Jim Price Show

Does this photo portraying a U.S. Capitol Police Officer look real or FAKE?

Here is what American Gulag learned from an eyewitness account:

“I always expected the police to look really official and intimidating in Washington, D.C. But these police did nothing that I thought should be done on Jan. 6, especially as I was told at 2:30 pm that a woman was shot inside the Capitol building,”

“I got to the area in this photo around 3:30 pm and was shocked that the man here appears to look uninterested in anything that was happening around him.”

“I got zero help from any police that I encountered. It seemed like this man did not know anything about the location that he was supposed to protect at the US Capitol.”

In addition, our source stated this gentleman’s appearance seemed inconsistent with typical police standards.

“His hair is too long.” (This ACLU Guide[ pg 2, Section F] describes how the man’s hair length seems to contradict typical grooming standards for male officers.)

  1. “His microphone/speaker is placed on his outfit improperly.”

In addition, here are other inconsistencies found when observing that day:

You will see the female officer on the left appears to be missing the cap others next to her are wearing. It is unclear whether her hair length follows regulations highlighted above by the ACLU. These regulations state hair “cannot extend below the top of the shoulder blades.” Did she arrive unprepared for the cold or haphazardly forget important attire that day?

According to Capitol Police’s own website, “a high level of physical fitness is essential in all police functions. High levels of anaerobic and aerobic fitness have been identified as important indicators of job performance.”

Capitol Police officers must pass a medical examination demonstrating they can “respond to the demands of all emergencies.”

Is it possible these standards disqualify the obese man featured in the center photo above?

Finally, this third photo reveals inconsistencies in officers’ shoes as you look down the row. Officers are not standing in accordance with rank, as is typical protocol. You will see they are not admonishing the protesters around them to leave.

“I was in shock at how these police were behaving,” an eyewitness told American Gulag.

“I witnessed these police fraternizing with protesters around them. It seemed that these police had been told to stand down or they just did not care to handle anything because they were standing there and doing nothing again.”

“These police did not behave like serious police that I have witnessed at other less-famous protests. This seemed bizarre for a high intensity event like Jan. 6.” 

Instances of protesters dressing like police have occurred for decades. More recently, this tactic was used in the BLM and Antifa riots of 2020, particularly in New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, and Seattle.

Keep in mind police impersonation is a serious crime which may include up to 5 years imprisonment and fines, averaging around $1,000.


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