POLITICAL PRISONER OF THE BIDEN REGIME Turns to Christ in DC Gitmo – Saved Lives on January 6 but Now Is Suffering in Prison – LYING Jan 6 Committee Continue to Ruin His Chances at a Fair Trial – PLEASE HELP — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

This is the story of Shane Jenkins, a political prisoner of the Biden Regime.

As the January 6th Unselect Committee continues to outright lie to the American people, we must not forget that there are still POLITICAL PRISONERS BEING DETAINED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Locked in cages in pre-trial detention for over a year and a half and counting, many in solitary confinement, some awaiting trials not set until 2023 or later. 

The Unselect Committee and Biden Regime keep these prisoners so they have “fall guys” to blame an “insurrection” on. They don’t care who they destroy or the families these men and women leave behind. Many of these defendants have committed suicide.

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THE FATE OF THE AMERICAN POLITICAL PRISONERS FALLS ON US. We cannot fail them. We must vote out the Democrats in November.

The beautiful story below was submitted by writer Olympia Ross about Political Prisoner Shane Jenkins, a man who many say defended fellow Trump Supporters on January 6th from police violence. He was seen on new video assisting in the carrying of an unconscious Trump supporter down the Capitol stairs to safety. He witnessed Rosanne Boyland’s death and brutal beating by DC Metro Police Officer Lila Morris. See the video here of Jenkins near Jake Lang on the Capitol Steps, helping Philip Anderson and warding off attack. He is seen 23 seconds into the video until :40, in the red hat, blue hoodie and black jacket.

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Jenkins is considered by many in DC Gitmo to be the closest thing they have to a Champlain. He conducts Bible studies for the other J6 prisoners (they have been denied religious services that are available to the rest of the prisoners at DC Jail). Please consider writing Jenkins in DC Gitmo. *See his address at bottom of article.

Read his story by guest writer Olympia Chagouris Ross below.


“Patriot Rising”: One J6rs Experience of Wrongful Political Imprisonment in the Face of Divine Purpose

By: Olympia Chagouris Ross

Genesis 50:20 But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive. 

Who is Shane Jenkins? Shane Jenkins is a man, who like most men, wears many hats, and holds numerous roles. He’s a father, a son, a friend, a neighbor; he’s a nephew, a cousin, a grandson, and an athlete. But the most important role of all to Shane, is that which he holds dearest to his heart, and that is his role as believer and Christ follower; “child of the King of kings”, as boldly stated by Shane himself.

Shane Jenkins in a video speaking about his deep beliefs in Christianity.

Like most people, Shane has a story. However, Shane’s story remains tragically unknown, with little opportunity of ever being heard; at least not accurately. Shane’s story (his truth) has been literally mocked, blocked, and locked away for more than a yearYet Shane remains optimistic, faithful, and even encouraged by what he believes is a calling from above

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Shane’s story is a true to life account of one man’s journey of deliverance from a sordid past to a state of sweet redemption. However, redemption for Shane haslooked much differently than he (or anyone) could ever have imagined. Particularly, over the past 500 + days, as he remains unjustifiably held as a political prisoner in the DC Gulag, unit C2B.

Shane, and many other freedom-loving Americans who went to D.C. on January 6, 2021 (J6), with pure intentions of making their voices heard, peacefully, remain locked away until this day in the “Insurrectionist Pod”, C2B. This has been their holding place since that fateful day nearly a year and a half ago. It’s a dank and dreary place that has been described by the inmates as deplorable and unsanitary; it’s the place where it took 11 days to get a first shower, and 30 days to make a first phone call. This D.C. Gitmo (Gulag) is devoid of all constitutional and human rightsyet the government leaders responsible for this coup d’état,continue to perpetuate a false narrative that has kept (and keeps) the American people ignorantby depriving them of truth. 

Jenkins at his Baptism. 

It’s hard to imagine that this is our America; land of the free, home of the brave, one nation under God. How is it that the precious lives of patriotic citizens could have been so wrongly and abruptly halted, in an instant, andat the hands of their own government? And for what? For committing the seemingly most egregious American crimes of our daythe crime of being a freedom-loving, God-fearing patriotwilling to stand in the gap. The crime of peacefully protesting a suspected gross injustice against the American people. The crime of calling out the government for its overreach, blatant untruths, and alleged perpetuated corruption. The crime of exposinthe “selected” leaders for facilitating thedemise of free and fair elections in our once great republicThe crime of exercising one’s constitutional right to free speech and peaceful assembly. These are Shane Jenkin’s so-called” crimes.

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Arguably, Shane Jenkins was an easy J6 target, even scapegoat. A 45-year-old Houston, TX, native, he’s the first to admit that his distant past is anything but upstanding. In fact, Shane has had several run-ins with the law during his lifetime; 4 to be exact, prior to J6. Although he grew up “churched” and attended Episcopalian school, Shane ultimately made some poor decisions that would eventually lead to what some might call a repugnant lifestyle. His poor past decision-making was undoubtedly the result of feelings of being unwanted and unloved upon learning as a young teen that he was given up by his birth mother for adoptionand then living years on end in a home with a stepfather who was both physically and verbally abusive; particularly to his adoptive mother, whom he sadly lost during his 4th incarceration, in 2016. 

2016 was a turning point year for Shane. Not only was it the year that he lost his beloved motherbut it was also the year his marriage ended in divorce. Shane found himself feeling hopeless and severely depressedin 2016, all the while, still incarcerated. His life was literally flashing before his eyes, behind bars, and he just knew that something had to give. Incidentally, something did in fact, give, and it came by way of CHARM– Christ’s Hope And Reconciliation Ministries.

Jenkins at his Baptism with CHARM Ministries.

gifted athleteShane became acquainted with the CHARM groupwho frequented his prison for regular games of basketball with the inmates. It was through these visits and relationshipbuilding activities that Shane heard the message of the gospelbut this time, not as a “churched” kid; but rather, as a man who was meeting Jesus for the first time. It was through CHARM Prison Ministries that Shane met his mentor and close friend, David Trickett, who ministered to Shane, and ultimately led him to the Lord. Shane describes this experience of deliverance and redemption as a “soul healed by love, through divine appointment”.  

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Shane was paroled in July 2018, and he immediately moved into CHARM Prison Ministries transitional house. He thrived in this new environment, and quickly settled into his newfound life as a man after God’s own heart. He took on leadership responsibilities with CHARM and was hired on as an assistant CHARMminister. He also became an active participant and member of Houston’s First Baptist Church (HFBC), which is the church he still refers to as his home congregation

For Shane, the days leading up to J6, and the decision to go and be part of the “Stop the Steal” Rally, were actually joyful. He had just been bestowed the honor of serving as best man in a friend and brother in Christ’s wedding, and for the first time ever in his life, he had exercised his privilege to vote in an American presidential election. These two events were surreal for Shane, having recently risen out of a sordid past to new life; a peaceful life grounded in an unwavering faith in Jesus Christ. Shane reflects on this time, when he briefly returned home to Houston Texas, as a sort of prodigal son moment; a moment in time when he fully-recognized the hand of God in everything that was happening to and through himSo, when he learned about the J6 rally, and his calendar incidentallycleared itself of all other commitmentsShane just felt it was God, tugging on his heartstrings, leading him to go. 

The day of the rally was certainly not what Shane expected, nor was the turn of events that occurred thatday at the Capital what he would have wanted. His purpose for being there was to support President Trump, and to callout, publicly and peacefully, what he believed was a stolen election. The Capital was filled that day with peaceful protestors and freedom-loving patriots, just like Shane. Although the mainstream media would have the American people believe otherwiseportraying a narrative of violent insurrection at the hands of Trump supportersHowever, Shandescribes something else entirely; a scene very different than what was fed to the American people.What he saw on that J6 day at the Capital were people peacefully protesting, Americans singing patriotic songs, people uniting and lovingly embracing each other. But what began as a peaceful and beautiful scene quickly turned to mayhem, and that was allegedly at the hands of Capitol policeamong otherswho were seen by many witnesses violently beating innocent bystanders. Yes, the capital building had been stormedand violence had erupted; however, the patriots were not the ones’ responsible for the horrid turn of events. 

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Shane admits that he stepped in to fight, but fight for Shane meant saving lives and protecting people from further harm. So, in his decision to face the storm, he did what he felt he had to do, and he did so,unapologetically. There was no other choice- he was witnessing the bludgeoning of innocent peoplepeople being beaten to death, or to near deathHe saw womeand elderly being brutally attacked, people bleeding profusely, and one woman being beaten with a baton, while prone on the ground, already unconscious, who later died. Shane himself was beaten, pepper-sprayed and teargassed, all the whilestill trying to save the lives of other people. His primary goal in running into that storm; into the horrifying display of Capital police brutality, was to protect the innocent, and to help the helpless. However, in doing so, video footage of Shane was captured and has since been weaponized against him; weaponized for the purpose of furthering the false narrative that seeks to portray this hero as an insurrectionist. But nothing could be farther from the truth; a truth that continues to be deeply buried beneath the orchestrated and horrifically violent opposition of that dreadful day. 

Like so many of the political prisoners being held in D.C. Gulag, unit C2BShane continues to await a fair trial. Forlornly, his trial is nearly a year away, set for March 2023; just another addition to the already long and growing list of gross constitutional rights violations. But despite the obvious anguish that wouldcome with this nightmarish situation, Shane’s resilience remains somehow intact. He chooses to make the best of each day, and often reminds those with whom he speaks that “he’s in no hurry”. Literally, Shane seizes every chance he gets to share the “good news of the gospel with the other men of C2B. He shepherds flock, and to Shane, this is God’s purpose for him right now. According to Shane, “the men need hope; they need to hear the gospel. But unit C2B,unlike other D.C. prison units, has been completely deprived of spiritual care since day 1, thus the reason why Shane took on this “spiritual leader” rolewhich he describes as a privilege

Yes- Shane misses his family and friends, he can’t wait to worship with his church congregation again, and he longs for the return of his God-given rights, to include his Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms. But first and foremost, Shane’s desire is to remain steadfast andfaithful to God’s calling. Truly, he has an important message, with an extraordinary power. But what is it about this particular message that makes it so powerful? It’s a message of love, of hopeof faith, and redemptionShane’s message is the message of the Gospel.

2 Corinthians 12:10 Therefore, I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then I am strong”.

Please write Shane here:

Shane Jenkins
Prisoner #377186
1901 D St, SE
Washington, DC 20003

Help Shane Jenkins HERE by donating to his GiveSendGo and sending prayers.

Shane Jenkins gets emotional as he speaks about his salvation in Christ in a testimonial video.


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