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Jerry Ryals

Though his actions prior are not detailed, Ryals eventually made it to the doors of the U.S. Capitol. He stated he was pushed into the hallways inside of the U.S. Capitol Building. However, once inside, he saw there were offices in the hallway, and he went into one. He then exited the office and got pushed back outside by the Capitol Police and the flow of the crowd.
Ryals stated that after he had been outside for about 5-10 minutes, he went back inside
the U.S. Capitol Building. He traveled to various points within the U.S. Capitol Building, including
hallways, stairs, and the rotunda. At one point, he stated he was in front of a statue of George
Ryals also stated that he met up with Griffith a few times inside the U.S. Capitol
Building. Eventually, Ryals left the U.S. Capitol Building. Once outside, he took a picture of
himself and Griffith outside the U.S. Capitol Building.

Please keep in mind that in the United States, every citizen charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

  • First Name(s): Jerry
  • Last Name(s): Ryals
  • Case Number: 1:21-cr-244
  • Arrest Location: Muscogee, OK
  • Judge: Zia M. Faruqui
  • Judge: Colleen Kollar-Kotelly
  • Entry Last Updated: 11/29/2022
  • Date Docket Downloaded: 05/05/2022
  • Currently Incarcerated: No
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Civil Disorder (1) [Per #56 Superseding Information]

Case Status

Arrested on 03/04/2021. Released on personal recognizance on 3/9/21. Ryals was indicted on 3/24/21 and pleaded not guilty on all counts on 4/7/21. A plea agreement hearing took place on 5/6/2022. During that time, Ryals plead guilty to count 1s. Sentencing held on 10/18/2022 for COunt 1s (Civil Disorder), sentenced to Nine (9) Months incarceration followed by Thirty-six (36) Months period of Supervised Release and a Special Assessment of $100.00. Counts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of the Indictment, dismissed on oral motion by the government.

Defense Lawyer

Jay P. Mykytiuk

USA Attorney

Kevin Birney
Kevin Birney US Attorney's Office 555 Fourth Street, NW Washington, DC 20001 202 252 7165 [email protected] LEAD ATTORNEY ATTORNEY TO BE NOTICED Designation: US Assistant Attorney

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