J6 Political Prisoner Marc Bru Shares Concerns About Horrible Abuse and Neglect in US Prison System

Marc Anthony Bru

Marc Anthony Bru was seen on January 6th raising his phone to document the events as they unfolded that day at the US Capitol.

Bru was found guilty of attending a protest and “obstruction of an official proceeding” because he was in attendance at the protest.

The obstruction charge is a felony. The Biden DOJ also found him guilty of “civil disorder” for attending the protest and five misdemeanors.

Federal agents pulled guns on Marc and his mother when he was arrested.

DC Judge Boasberg found him guilty of all charges.

Marc Bru did not shut down an official Congressional proceeding by pulling a fire alarm like radical Democrat Jamaal Bowman. Marc’s crime was attending the J6 protests and walking inside the US Capitol.

Before Joe Biden, conservative Americans had the right to protest their government. Today, conservatives are jailed and their lives are ruined for attending a protest.

But it isn’t only J6 prisoners who are being abused and neglected by the prison system. Marc shared his concerns about what is happening within the prison system and alleged violations of human rights by careless staff and the cruel and unusual punishment and torture of incarcerated prisoners.

Marc wrote to The Gateway Pundit to share the stories of two such prisoners.

***Please help Marc here.***

Reported by Marc Anthony Bru, January political prisoner:

I’m in the belly of the Bureau of Prisons (BOP)! It’s been several months, July 8th, if I recall correctly, since I’ve been held hostage by the belligerent Biden Regime. The highly contested 2021 Presidential Election brought Americans together for a collective redress of grievances, through primarily the STOP THE STEAL protest event. We saw what was being done to end President Trump’s position in the Executive branch.

Fast forward three and a half years, and several jail locations across the country later, and my eyes have been opened to the depravity of the judicial system, which we see naturally set the tone of the cultural development of “law enforcement “ all across the “nation.”

You can mostly ignore it in the outside world, yet from inside, you can’t unsee it, nor can you abase yourself to accept it. So I’ve set my intentions to expose the TRUTH of the corruption. My current focus is on the treatment and the intentional neglect by employees whose employers’ name has the words correctional facility associated with them. What are the methods of correction? Are they effective? Let us go straight to the source, the inmates themselves, their testimonies will shock your very soul.

Story # 1 Inmate (we call each other “cellies”)
He is from Las Vegas, Nevada. John Brandon Casutt has been suspiciously incarcerated, likely due to his rise in East Las Vegas politics and his getting too close to affecting some local politicians’ cash payments, adding up to billions annually. His challenges didn’t end with incarceration; they really began after being sentenced by yet another suspicious “court” proceeding. He was held in what we call the SHU, Secure Housing Unit. There, he was ignored when he’d asked multiple times for medical assistance, as a previous neck injury left in its wake chronic pain in his shoulders and neck. They refused to fill his already prescribed pain medication. Stating, “He was in transport, and they didn’t have a legal obligation to provide medical aid unless it was immediately life-threatening.”

I ask, how would these non-medical professional guards be able to make that determination? What they ignored turned into a life-threatening diagnosis when he was finally seen by professional medical outside of the Bureau of Prisons. How he finally got them to a place where he could receive medical attention sounds like fiction, EXCEPT it is totally a true story!

Cellie #1 was told by other inmates, “They (BOP) will never see you or answer your medical requests, and there’s certainly no way to leave the SHU, ever!” It took some time, but he realized he was on his own. Then he had an idea to help alleviate the neck pain. He devised an apparatus that went around his neck and was padded for comfort in the collar. He tied one strip of rope – he’d made from a bed sheet- across from his bunk frame to the shower nozzle, and another strip of the bed sheet hanging down, allowing him to suspend himself from his knees, to hang gently there stretching the neck, which would relieve the pain. He used this invention as he knelt down to place weight on the sling and stretched his neck for a few minutes in the sling and stretched his neck; a few minutes passed, and a guard doing his rounds in the SHU walked by his little door window. He came back to the window and seeing him hanging there, started to shout and opened the door to his cell. Running past him to release the line, the guard hit his shoulder, causing a drop and tightening the neck sling until he passed out from loss of oxygen to the brain.

Long story short, they thought he was dead and hung himself, so they tried to perform CPR on him before checking his vitals. Another guard came and determined he was still alive although he showed no signs of consciousness. They eventually got him out of prison, through the gate, and to an outside hospital, where he slowly regained his senses shortly before arrival.

As he came to, the medic in the back of the ambulance and escort guard from BOP told him he had died, and they revived him. The rest of the story is documented in the hospital’s medical records. He was the only one to successfully exit the SHU in response to his complaint, which he was forced to make happen. A clear, and very common standard of medical neglect, which would have never been addressed if it weren’t for Cellie #1’s attempt to relieve his pain himself. This is just one of many issues with BOP and prisons in general. A jail or prison of any official capacity is only tolerated when they assume these obligations: CARE, CUSTODY, CONTROL. Examine any BOP, or DOC (Department of Corrections), the grievance methods are illusory, and they do not fulfill the first of the 3 obligations.

***Please help Marc here.***

Story #2 BOA Medical Incompetence
My next example, and witness, has been labeled by law enforcement as a really bad guy and member of a notorious local gang called “shameless.” He has a tragic story, but one of perseverance, despite hopeless odds against him, here’s his witness testimony:

“My name is Chadwick Lewis Spann, I am a Hostage # 52718-510 here in State Prison, Victorville, CA. San Bernardino County, where I am in complete and utter torment due to numerous ailments. The most serious and urgent issue is my left eyeball. Back in 2001, I had my face shoved into a light fixture, where the light bulb stabbed through my eye. It tore my cornea, detached my retina, and required a stint placement in my eye to keep the pupil in place. Adding to the need for repairs to my eyeball, the medical doctor had to give me an artificial lens replacement and stitches literally across my eyeball. It was a very serious trauma that left me half-blind in my left eye. Fast forward to 2024, and I’m in West Valley Detention Center, San Bernardino County Jail. We were getting ready to eat. I asked my cellie for a spoon, so he handed me a spoon, but from the side of my bad eye. I turned directly into the spoon, and the handle scraped directly into the center of the eyeball, sending me straight to the ER, outside of the jail.”

“I was taken to Arrowhead Regional Hospital in San Bernardino County. Upon said visit, my eye pressure was zero. Normally, it should be at 6-7. The pain in my eye was beyond bearable. Due to the impact, my pupil shifted to the upper left corner of my cornea, as well as this problem a bright white light (shaped like a worm) developed. The doctors told me they could not find a rupture, so they prescribed steroid eye drops to increase my eye pressure. I would have to continue taking these drops because otherwise, my eyeball would begin to shrivel up and die, like seriously die!?!”

“While I was there with actual medical staff that had integrity and held to their oath, as doctors, I was doing ok. My pain level was only existent if I over-extended myself. But now, I sit in unimaginable pain, my eye is stuck sideways (cockeyed). My confidence is uncertain, and my self-esteem is destroyed, all because this Federal Facility, Victorville, CA, refuses to give me my already prescribed eye drops. Their willful medical neglect is torture. Even though I have shown them the defect created, not to mention, I have migraines and pain that some days bring me to my knees in tears because of shock and being stuck in my bed, unable to open my eyes. I’ve developed depression and anxiety now, I’m disfigured, and my wife is making fun of me. My heart is broken, and my sight is worse than ever. My eye is almost completely dead, and I’m being told by administrators and guards that I’m not ‘entitled’ to receive medical attention because I’m not going to be here, held over long enough to matter.”

“My question is, since when do human beings have times or conditions when their lives do not matter in an institution that assumes the obligations and is liable for CARE, CUSTODY, & CONTROL? I have been here for over 2 months, and now I look like a freak; I’m miserably in pain and anguish. All because they won’t fill my prescription for my vital eye medication. I need to save my eye and my face from deformity. I was cleaning up my past street life of using drugs. I was on Suboxyn to help come down gradually. Now, because the BOP won’t fill my prescriptions, and the torturous pain in my eye and head, I have succumbed to self-medication to gain some limited relief; it is a form of torture. I am forced to cope with the consequences due to the total indifference at the highest level of government.”

CONCLUSION NOTE: My words cannot begin to express how prolific these issues are in the kind of “care” provided by the Bureau of Prisons administrators. They have rendered the grievance process illusory and abandoned any responsibility for the health and safety of the prisoner population with a rogue Federal Administration under the Biden Regime. But let’s not fool ourselves; this torture and neglect have been standard operations within the BOP from many years ago to the present. The assumed government is the real criminal revealed.

Note: IF these horror stories have any emotional effect on you today, consider praying, but also write to the BOP facilities and let them know they cannot operate hidden from the public anymore!

Please help Marc with his legal bills and help support his beloved dog, Tono. 
Marc’s beloved dog, Tono.


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