Jan. 6 Political Prisoner Was Going to See His Family for 1st Time on His Birthday After 15 Mos. in Prison — Then Biden Regime Moved Him Right Before Family Visit (AUDIO)

American political prisoner Edward Jake Lang is serving time without trial for his actions on Jan. 6, 2021. Jake has been in prison, abused by guards, placed in isolation for days at a time, without any basic human rights for over a year now. Islamic terrorists who murdered Americans had more rights than Trump supporter Jake Lang.  And Islamic terrorists who targeted Americans were represented for free by radicals like Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Jake Lang is not so lucky.  He loves his country and was attacked by police on January 6, 2021.  He fought back and saved two people’s lives.  He tried to save another, Rosanne Boyland, but it was too late.

Jake Lang was trampled when Capitol Police pushed Trump supporters down the stairs outside the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. He was nearly killed. The woman next to him was killed by police when they gassed her, knocked her down and then pushed dozens of people on top of her. Her name was Rosanne Boyland. Jake Lang was next to Rosanne when she died.

Jake Lang Instagram post after Jan. 6 protests

Jake Lang then rescued two protesters, including Philip Anderson, that day from the Capitol Hill police.

He was arrested in January 20

Jake Lang has not had a visit from his family for 15 months now.  Jake has been in prison treated horribly, beaten by guards, without any visits from his family.

Last week Jake celebrated a birthday his 27th birthday in prison.  Jakes’s family was all coming to see him.  His sister from college, his father, his mother from Florida, were all flying to see him in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania where he was being held.

Right before his birthday the federal government removed Jake from the facility and moved him to the William G. Tuesdale detention facility in Virginia.

Jake is now being held in Virginia.  Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes is also being held at the facility.

Jake told us today his trial in court is not scheduled until January 2023!  Jake will serve TWO FULL YEARS in prison before he even sits before a trial of his peers, if he’s lucky.

Jake Lang told The Gateway Pundit today in a call from prison, “The federal government won’t let political prisoners get hugs.”

How absolutely horrible!  This evil must stop.

Please donate to Jake Lang at J6Truth.


Here is our conversation from Wednesday.  Please take the time to hear Jake’s story.



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