AmericanGulag Receives Call from Jailed Political Prisoner Jeremy Brown

It was Jeremy’s 196th day at Pinellas County Jail, he was welcomed by AmericanGulag’s Nick Mastrangelo to an inside joke created during a visit to Jeremy Brown in Pinellas County Jail.  During the visit, Jeremy hammered the notion that “we can say whatever we want.” He then went on to say, “Nick, I am Batman!”

Jeremy remains in good spirits despite a flurry of recent legal activity.  The court denied Jeremy’s court-appointed lawyer’s dismissal, forcing Jeremy to argue his own case while the court-appointed lawyer was directed to the back seat.  Jeremy also believes that on April 21st, the government may bring 3 new charges against him.   All this is happening as we approach his D.C. status conference on April 26th.

Access code:  877 848 7030   Extension   3218747

When talking through the J6 cases from a bird’s eye view, Jeremy advised the American people to monitor the patterns of prosecutors and defendants in upcoming case events.  As an expert in psychological warfare, Jeremy believes the government is still allowing the actions of agent provocateurs and its own agencies to define what happened on January 6th.   As a retired Green Beret, Jeremy is no stranger to the methods used by the United States government to achieve monopolistic dominance over the American people’s freedoms and liberties.

Jeremy even went on to detail recent conversations with other Pinellas County inmates, learning and sharing how their liberties have been stomped on.  Other pretrial J6 defendants have shared similar experiences.

AmericanGulag will continue to set up interviews with Jeremy and refuse to allow his story to go silent.

You can hear the full interview between Nick and Jeremy below:


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