‘Their Water Is Brown …There Is Feces on the Floor’: Ashli Babbitt’s Mother And Dozens of Patriots Explain Exactly Why They Have Been Protesting And Praying Outside DC Gulag FOR A MONTH And They Are Not Leaving Any Time Soon

An estimated six hundred men and women have been apprehended by the Federal Bureau of Investigations for protesting the stolen election on Capitol Hill on January 6. Many of them were released from jail and awaiting trial.

But most of the January 6 defendants are being denied due process, held without bail, have yet to be convicted of a crime and languish in solitary confinement on misdemeanor charges as they lose their livelihoods waiting month after month for a crooked judge and jury in Washington DC to begin to adjudicate their case.

Even supporters of Trump who never stepped foot in the Capitol building, like Proud Boys leaders, army veteran Joe Biggs and former GOP congressional candidate Enrique Tarrio, face sedition charges and 20-plus year prison sentences as prosecutors charge them with devising the “insurrection.”

Three of the January 6 defendants have killed themselves while subjected to inhumane living conditions in jail and shamed to death for participating in the protest the corporate media and establishment politicians compare to 9/11.

The Capitol Hill Police officers that murdered 36-year-old Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt and 34-year-old Rosanne Boyland in cold blood on that fateful day have yet to be charged with a crime.

The homicidal cops have been awarded after killing Trump supporters in broad daylight.

Some days, living with the tragic loss of her only daughter is too much to bear, but Ashli Babbitt’s mother Micki Witthoeft continues to fight for justice every day.

Witthoeft and dozens of patriots have spent nearly four weeks, from 7 am to 10 pm, protesting and praying outside the Washington DC jail where January 6 defendants are unlawfully held captive.

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From the windows of their tiny cells, the inmates who have not been allowed outside the federal government’s cages for weeks or months can see the American flags waved by the crowd through the barbwire fences and hear the music and chants of ‘USA’ blare. The glimmer of support fuels hopes that they are not forgotten and doomed.

Dangersous threats from leftwing agitators and menacing dirty cops are not deterring Witthoeft and Americans For Justice, a non-profit devoted to assisting American citizens who are being wrongfully persecuted at the hands of the federal government, from rallying at the jail 12 hours a day.

“The first night that I was here…I was assaulted by one of the facility guards. If they are that emboldened to treat people like that on a public sidewalk, I just can’t imagine what these men go through inside,” Witthoeft told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview.

The grieving mother described a litany of abuses J6 defendants are subject to in the DC jail reminiscent of slavery and the Holocaust.

“With no visitation, no health care — we’ve had a man who had to put a staple in his mouth to take care of the dental situation. He had an abscessed tooth and the only way to relieve the pain was to take a staple from his paperwork and put it in his mouth,” Witthoeft said.

“They tried to make him sign paperwork that says they got him help when they never did. There [are] all kinds of violations by the guards that go on unanswered,” she continued. “They don’t even have water. Their water is brown. They filter it through socks and wash rags. There are roaches and feces on the floor — awful, it’s awful conditions.”


Inmates who are doing time in the DC jail for actually breaking the law are afforded basic rights like visitation, while J6 defendants last saw their families when the FBI raided their homes.

“They don’t even have visitation — they can’t even have video visitation,” Babbitt’s mom continued. “They were supposed to be contracted with a company that would allow video visitation but that was over a year ago and nothing has ever developed.

“Everybody else’s visitors walk right past us down on the corner to see their men and women locked away in here. We just want the same rights for everybody else. We want fair trials for them. The DC judges say things like, ‘Every person there that day was the antithesis of a patriot, the only patriots there that day were Capitol Hill police.’ There is video evidence to prove otherwise.”

Some of the political hostages complied with getting fully vaccinated for one reason.

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“We have had some men actually take the vaccination so they can see their families and then, they still weren’t allowed to see them,” Witthoeft explained.  So, I really don’t know what seditious games they’re playing but I know that they are playing seditious games.”

Many of the J6 defendants are, like Ashli, our nation’s finest who served in war to uphold the constitution.

“For the people that say that, ‘As a country, we need to get over this,’ well, we can’t because our citizens went [to the Capitol on January 6] two million strong to redress our government over the stolen election,” Witthoeft admonished. “American citizens were murdered. They were beaten. They were jailed unjustly with the key thrown away, and then they are denied every right that they fought for — for you, for me — a lot of them are veterans. Some of these men in there are veterans and deserve the rights they’ve fought for.”


Randy Ireland, a New York native who founded Americans For Justice in the aftermath of the January 6 protest, organized the demonstration and has spent the entire month with Witthoeft at the jail.

Raising awareness about the unconstitutional abuse of the J6 defendants is the only way more Americans band together to bend the government’s arm and end the political persecution, Ireland argued.

“The average citizen in America right now doesn’t know that this is going on, doesn’t understand it. I think if they did, they’d get more involved,” Ireland told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview. “Mickey feels if Ashli were with us, this is exactly where she would be.

“Over half of the guys that are here at this jail are military veterans. These are people that went out, went overseas, and sacrificed for our country. Ultimately they were there on January 6 because they believed in the Constitution. A lot of these guys are veterans — decorated veterans,” he said. “Whether it’s election integrity, medical freedom, the southern border crisis, doesn’t matter what it is, it all comes back to the Constitution, the bill of rights and due process. We are uniting people around those things and at the core of that are these guys, the J6ers.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported, two demons showed up at the jail.


“You are going to die! Ashli deserved to die!,” one of the MSM bots incessantly squealed for hours through a bullhorn. “We don’t give a sh*t about you or Ashli!”

As the justice J6 demonstrators peacefully sang and prayed throughout the day, the Metropolitan Police finally removed the agitators. But the zombies resigned to howling on the bullhorn from across the street.


Dominic, a musician who uses the moniker, “Golden Chariot” performs live music outside of the jail daily. He urged the public to listen to positive music to prevent being brainwashed like the petulant women who spent hours yelling and screaming hatred over his performance.


Another attendee of the demonstration, Tommy Tatum, claims he was standing right beside Rosann Boyland when she was killed.

Tatum claims he witnessed Capitol Hill Police Officer Lila Morris murder Boyland by beating her to death.

And other cops were accomplices to the murder, Tatum explained, “You can actually see the cops hitting the arms of these men who were trying to grab her body and pull her away from them so they could do CPR on her.”

“I fully believe that’s why they have not arrested me, because of everything I can [testify]. I was there for so long,” Tatum told The Gateway Pundit. “I was with her the whole time, from when she hit the ground to when she was murdered. They don’t want me — they want these guys to plea.”


“I would certainly not suggest that every police officer is bad. But certainly Capitol Hill police officers that day were. They committed arrestable offenses,” Witthoeft said. “Not only did they murder my daughter, but they also murdered Rosanne Boyland, twice, because she was down on the ground in need of medical attention, already unconscious, bleeding from the mouth and the nose when officer Lila Morris from the Metropolitan police department took some overhand swings on her and beat her lifeless body.

“A lot of our patriots ended up in jail for trying to render her aid because the police were attacking American citizens that day.”

Every night, Witthoeft and Americans For Justice join the J6 defendants in singing the national anthem at 9 pm est. Lights can be seen flickering from their cells throughout the building as the political prisoners signal gratitude for solidarity.


They also commemorate every man and woman who lost their lives, committed suicide or were incarcerated for protesting to stop the steal.


No other national media outlet has covered the rally at the DC jail, even though its been ongoing in the nation’s capital for the past four weeks.

Support Americans For Justice HERE.



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