WATCH: Bill Maher Rips NFL For Fine Over January 6 Opinion, ‘He does have the right to voice his opinion as a citizen of the United States… What The F**K’

Recently, the defensive coordinator of the Washington Commanders was fined after he referred to the January 6 riot at the Capitol as a “dust-up” and asked why people were not as outraged about the riots that swept across America in 2020. 

Jack Del Rio was referring to the string of race-related riots that swept the nation in the summer of 2020. Many of those riots destroyed entire sections of cities like Minneapolis, Kenosha, and DC. They destroyed the lives and livelihoods of many of the city’s residents, predominantly minority groups in those areas. The riots also took the lives of at least 25 people during that same period. 

As a result of his commentary, Del Rio was hit with a $100,000 fine from head coach Ron Rivera for his comments because his opinion was deemed unacceptable by the NFL franchise leadership.

During Friday’s episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” host Bill Maher shared his passionate response to the Commanders for pretending like the team gives a damn about free speech while fining people for sharing their personal opinions.

Maher said, “Fining someone for an opinion, I’m not down with that…His boss said about [Del Rio], ‘He does have the right to voice his opinion as a citizen of the United States, and it most certainly is his constitutional right to do so.'”

Maher then said, “Apparently not! You know what? This is the don’t pee on my shoe and tell me it’s raining. What the f**k are you talking about? He doesn’t have a right to an opinion, and it’s obviously not his right to do so.”

Bill Maher’s comments align with Americans’ right to free speech. 

Should Del Rio have been fined? No! 

Professional athletes share their political opinions constantly and are applauded when they do. All Del Rio did was asked why the riot at the Capitol was treated differently than the 2020 riots that torched cities. 

As a result, he was vilified and fined for exercising his right to express an opinion and ask a question. 

When the ability to ask questions and speak freely is no longer extended as freedom or right, it signals that the nation’s culture is quickly slipping into a socialist regime. 


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