UPDATE: Judge Orders Release of Proud Boys Member Ethan Nordean After Feds Get Caught – Oversold His Case Like Worthless Trinkets from a 3 AM Infomercial

Surprise, surprise.
US Federal Judge Beryl Howell on Wednesday ordered the release of a prominent member of the far-right Proud Boys group while he awaits trial.
Judge Beryl ruled the feds failed to show that Ethan Nordean posed such a danger to the public that he must be jailed while his case unfolds.
On Tuesday The Gateway Pundit reported on Ethan Nordean and fellow Proud Boy Dominic Pezzola who were jailed and tortured while waiting their court date for attending the protests at the US Capitol on January 6th.

FBI Tortures Proud Boy Member – Kept in Isolation for 23 Hours a Day While Awaiting Trial for Bashing Window Out at US Capitol – Faces 20 Years in Prison

The Feds got caught overselling their worthless trinkets like an infomercial at 3 AM with free wind chimes.
According to Reuters Nordean WAS NOT a ringleader on January 6th as the feds said he was.

Ethan Nordean was pictured with a bullhorn walking to the US Capitol on January 6th. (Capeandislands)
The case against Nordean is falling apart.
But the federal government wanted to keep him locked up without bond anyway.

Federal prosecutors had “backtracked” and failed to substantiate allegations that Nordean was a ringleader of the attack, which left five people dead, including a police officer.
“The dearth of evidence about his directions is significant,” Howell said, adding the evidence she heard at Wednesday’s hearing suggested Nordean just “went along with this mob.”
Howell said other Proud Boys members have been released pending trial, and that she needed to be consistent in her rulings. The Jan. 6 attack by supporters of former President Donald Trump resulted in the deaths of five people.
“What the government said in its original papers was that he directed the Proud Boys with specific plans, telling them to split up into groups and attempt to break in to the Capitol building,” Howell said. “That’s a far cry from what I heard at the hearing today.”
The Justice Department has charged nearly 20 members or associates of the Proud Boys in the Capitol breach, and it has accused several members of spearheading early efforts to stampede police and break in to the building.


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