Turncoat Mike Pence Tells New Hampshire Republican Gathering He Stands By His Decision to Certify the Fraudulent 2020 Election Results

Turncoat Mike Pence spoke at the Lincoln Reagan Dinner fundraiser hosted Thursday night by the Hillsborough County GOP in Manchester, New Hampshire.
Pence is pretending he still has a future in Republican politics.
The former Vice President still stands by his decision to stab President Trump and his supporters in the back and certify the fraudulent 2020 election results.
VP Pence is probably one of the Republicans, among many, who hope the audit team will find no fraud in Arizona — something most Trump voters expect to see in a couple of weeks when the results are made public.
Pence must know this will only make him look worse.
RSBN reported:

Pence said he has spoken with Trump “many times” although he’s not certain they will “ever see eye-to-eye” on his decision to do what the Vice President said was his “constitutional duty” to certify the election results in his role as President of the Senate on Jan. 6.
However, Pence made it clear that despite their disagreement on the issue, he remains “proud” of what the Trump-Pence Administration accomplished together over the past four years.
Adding that Republicans must “not allow one tragic day” to “discredit” what the Trump White House achieved, nor allow anyone to “distract” from the radical agenda ushered in by the Biden Administration.
Republicans must “move forward united,” the former Vice President urged.
To win back power in 2022 and 2024, Pence said earlier in his remarks that “it’s time for freedom-loving Americans to unite behind an agenda that will bring America back.”

Not interested, Mike.
Here is the full speech.


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