After Tormenting General Flynn with Judicial Acts Never Seen Before, Corrupt Judge Sullivan Now Is Persecuting Trump Supporters from Jan 6 Protest

Judge Sullivan oversaw the government’s case against General Flynn and refused to dismiss the case after both the prosecutors and Flynn’s attorneys agreed to drop it.  This same insane and corrupt judge is now torturing Trump Supporters arrested after the protest on January 6th.

We learned over the past few years that the DC judges are as corrupt as those in any banana republic.  They included the current Attorney General Merrick Garland, Judge Amy Berman Jackson who oversaw multiple fake Russia collusion cases, and corrupt Judge Emmet Sullivan, who oversaw the corrupt case from the DOJ against General Flynn.
Judge Sullivan refused to drop the case against Flynn when both the government and Flynn’s lawyers agreed to drop the case.  After a review of the information in the case against Flynn by a DOJ Attorney in St. Louis, the recommendation was to drop the case.  This was presented to Sullivan but he refused to do it.  This went on for months until President Trump finally pardoned General Flynn.  Now the corrupt Democrats say General Flynn needed to be pardoned because he was guilty.
General Flynn’s Attorney Sidney Powell couldn’t believe it when Judge Sullivan would not dismiss General Flynn’s case after both the prosecutors and Flynn’s lawyers agreed not to prosecute.

“They Always Do It Within 24 to 48 Hours” – Attorney Sidney Powell Says Judge Sullivan Refuses to Sign Circuit Court Mandate and End General Flynn Case After 2 Weeks (Video)

In closing remarks to the fiasco in early October, Powell said the insane actions of the Judge in the Flynn case were: “the most egregious injustice that I have seen in my 30 years plus of practice.”

MUST READ: Sidney Powell’s Closing Remarks in Tuesday’s Courtroom Lynching by Judge Sullivan and His ‘Special Counsel’ Were Poetic

Eventually, General Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, sought to disqualify the judge because of his clear bias:

JUST IN: Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell Seeks to Disqualify Corrupt Judge Sullivan: “Shrill” and “Prejudicial”

President Trump pardoned Flynn and Judge Sullivan threatened more action before finally ending the corrupt case.

BREAKING: Dirty Judge Sullivan Finally Dismisses Case Against General Flynn Following Trump Pardon

Now the same judge is tormenting innocent Americans, some held in solitary confinement in DC jails, for accused crimes insinuated by the corrupt politicians and courts in DC.  
Julie Kelly at American Greatness shared this about those in DC jails.

This week, five Republican senators sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland regarding his office’s handling of January 6 protesters. The letter revealed the senators are aware that several Capitol defendants charged with mostly nonviolent crimes are being held in solitary confinement conditions in a D.C. jail used exclusively to house Capitol detainees.
Joe Biden’s Justice Department routinely requests—and partisan Beltway federal judges routinely approve—pre-trial detention for Americans arrested for their involvement in the January 6 protest. This includes everyone from an 18-year-old high school senior from Georgia to a 70-year-old Virginia farmer with no criminal record.
It is important to emphasize that the accused have languished for months in prison before their trials even have begun. Judges are keeping defendants behind bars largely based on clips selectively produced by the government from a trove of video footage under protective seal and unavailable to defense lawyers and the public—and for the thoughtcrime of doubting the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election.

Kelly had this to say about Judge Sullivan:

Take, for example, Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, the judge who refused to dismiss the case against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn even though both parties sought to do so. Sullivan is presiding over a handful of Capitol breach cases. Last month, he denied a request made by Jonathan Mellis, behind bars in the D.C. jail since February awaiting trial, to attend his father’s funeral in Virginia. Mellis faces several charges including allegations he attempted to strike a police officer with a stick. (Again, this is based only on evidence presented by the government. Nothing has been contested in court.)
Mellis’ 80-year-old father was a decorated Vietnam War veteran and longtime Defense Department employee. Biden’s Justice Department immediately objected to Mellis’ request for a temporary release. “[T]he defendant’s continued dangerousness to the community and flight risk is too great because, if convicted of some or all of the above-mentioned charges, the defendant will serve a significant amount of time of incarceration.”
Judge Sullivan concurred. “Although the Court is sensitive to the news of his father’s death and expresses its condolences, the Court hereby DENIES Motion for Temporary Release.”

What is happening right now in DC is outrageous.  The accusations and charges are likely phony, the crimes are mostly non-existent and those charged are being abused by this government.  It’s no surprise corrupt Judge Sullivan is right in the middle of it all.


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