Tommy Tatum Arrested by Chris Wray’s FBI 3 Years After Jan. 6 – Police Pushed Him Down, Smothered Him, and Nearly Killed Him… THEN OMIT THIS IN THEIR REPORT! – They Were Angry He Called Out the Wickedness of the Police in Jesus’s Name… Please Donate!

Tommy Tatum was knocked unconscious and nearly died on January 6, 2021. Police pushed him to the ground and then smothered him with bodies. Rosanne Boyland who was next to him that day died that day. Police killed her.

J6er Tommy Tatum, an independent reporter from Mississippi, was arrested last week over three years after the January 6 protests at the US Capitol.

Police nearly killed Tommy that day. He was knocked out and would have died except that brave protesters dragged him to safety. He was next to Rosanne Boyland who the police killed that day. She was not so lucky.

Last week wicked Joe Biden’s DOJ arrested Tommy Tatum.

They charged him with three misdemeanors and a felony of “civil disobedience.” They did not like it that he was screaming at police that day and told the police, “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!”

The DOJ did not like that. So they arrested him.

In the 20 page report written by an FBI agent whose name was redacted, they forget to mention that they nearly killed Tommy. They also forgot to mention that he was knocked out and they left him to die. They also forget to mention that he was next to Rosanne Boyland who was also knocked out that day, was beaten by Officer Lila Morris, and later died in the US Capitol.

Wicked Regime. Biden Regime Adds Charges Against Two Brothers Who Tried to Protect Rosanne Boyland on Jan. 6 from the Police Who Allegedly Killed Her

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Tommy Tatum sent The Gateway Pundit a firsthand report of his arrest last week and his near-death experience that day.

I was arrested by the FBI on Wednesday in Oxford, Mississippi. I was booked on 5 counts. 1 felony and 4 misdemeanors. The felony is “Civil Disorder.” You can view the FBI’s version of the truth in their Statement Of Facts below.

You will notice that nowhere in their “statement of facts” do they mention that I witnessed D.C. Metro Police Officer Lila Morris murder Roseanne Boyland, whom the police had pushed into me, along with other election integrity protestors, causing me and Roseanne to fall to the ground. The the police pushed others on top of us both.

The police never stopped brutalizing those they had just pushed down into a pile-up and attacked those who tried to help save our lives that day. I was trapped beside Roseanne for the last 8 minutes of her life. During that time the police never stopped spraying us with teargas, essentially drenching us with life-threatening chemicals while we could not move. They never stopped hitting other electron theft protestors with sticks and batons and spraying them as well.

Roseanne was already unconscious as soon as we hit the ground. She was unconscious the entire time. She never opened her eyes and never said or screamed anything. You will hear other January 6th Defendants say they heard her screaming, this is incorrect. They are not lying, but they were hearing the screams of another woman. I call her “ The Mexican Girl”, mainly because she looked like a friend of mine’s girlfriend, who happens to be Mexican.

One of the first things I remember seeing after Jake Lang helped save my life with others as he specifically tried to pull me from the bottom of the pile, which in my opinion did in fact save several lives that day, was “The Mexican Girl” screaming to the top of her lungs as other protestors would try to pull her out of the pile. She was lying on her stomach, with her feet possibly just inside the tunnel entrance and her head facing the direction of the Washington Monument at the lower west terrace entrance. I think it was breaking her back when efforts were made to pull her up. I will never forget her screaming.

After January 6th, as part of my quest to get justice for Roseanne after she was murdered and smeared in the media by the government, her coroner was coroner used in the George Floyd psy op in which in this case he determined Roseanne Boyland had overdosed and her body was cremated in the aftermath of that day. The coroner made no mention of D.C. Metro Cop Lila Morris picking up a stick and repeatedly striking Roseanne in the head with a stick that day, in which within a few moments turned purple died as innocent election theft protestors tried to save her life by administering C.P.R. that the police had not attempted to engage in. The protestors had to pull Roseanne away from the mouth of the tunnel to attempt to save her life because the police would not stop assaulting those attempting to save her. After a few moments of desperately trying to revive her, they picked her up and delivered her to the police at the mouth of the tunnel.

They in turn dragged her by the legs through the entrance of that tunnel and attempted to give her CPR. But they broke the defibrillator and failed to provide constant chess compressions as they struggled to understand the very simple instructions the defibrillator gives audibly or the pictures on the machine that clearly demonstrate how to operate it. You can hear a lady cop saying “I don’t know how to do it” as “Crying Cop” Officer Gonnel, who later made a career out of committing perjury for the FBI and DOJ in January 6th cases in DC in victim impact statements, literally breaks the defibrillator.

In the bodycam and CCTV footage and Kyle Fitzsimon’s trial what becomes infuriatingly obvious is that Gonnel fakes injuries from that day. What isn’t shocking is “The Swamp” awarded him with paid interviews and a book deal while he draws disability as part of his scam.

It wasn’t until professional paramedics arrived and after the cops who killed Roseanne drug her through the tunnel and the Capitol like an animal just slaughtered that a professional attempt was made to save her life by the EMS team that arrived. In the bodycam footage, you see them desperately trying to save her life. You can watch this all unfold in the following video on X.

Adding insult to murder in the body cam footage you can hear “Officer Pepper Dick’ inquire about Roseanne’s lifeless body. “Is that one of ours or a protestor?” When answered that it was a protestor “Alight, fuck em” is his response. You can see that video here.

This insult does not even begin to compete with the insult of the ensuing cover-up of her murder involving the FBI, DOJ, federal prosecutors and public defenders. Not to mention the lazy, corrupt and arrogant lawyers most January 6th defendants have had to settle for. The reason for this is most lawyers don’t want to take a January 6th case because they know they can’t win along with the threat of losing their foreign BAR association accreditation if they don’t play nice with the court. Then there is the very real concern about angering corrupt federal judges and endangering the next thirty years of cases they hope to have in the lucrative DC district court.

To some of these lawyers January 6th is the perfect money maker and grift. You don’t even have to win any cases and some are “former” federal prosecutors turned arrogant defense lawyers whose real job is the protect the federal government, from which their credentials are derived, at all costs. There is at least one defense lawyer for J6 defendants who is married to a 25-year employee of the FBI til this day. I bet most of his clients feel shipwrecked and abandoned at sea.

Many of the people who tried to save Roseanne’s life and mine I feel are still sitting in jail for trying to save her life and mine I will always feel as well. I have spent the last 3 and ½ years doing everything I can to get justice for Roseanne first and to see all my fellow J6es released from jail and prison by exposing the truth.

I moved to DC and lived with Ashli Babbitt’s mother Micki Witthoeft and attended the nightly vigil she started in August of 2022. Micki continues to host the nightly vigils outside the DC Gulag. I encourage you to watch it nightly from 7 til 9 eastern to hear the truth about what happened on January 6th from those who lived through it.

During that time we met with countless congressmen and their staffs trying to get them to understand what happened that day and to get them to open investigations into those killed. This was when advocating for January 6ers was not as popular as it is today hardly any of them ever really did much to help us or anything to effect justice for the January 6ers or to challenge the fraudulent narrative burned into the psyche by a trillion-dollar propaganda campaign via the government’s willing co-conspirators in the media who act as government stenographers for corrupt liberal politicians and RINO’s like Beau Arthur lookalike Kevin McCarthy in DC.

After leaving DC, an taking all the information I had learned I started watching thousands of hours of bodycam and open-sourced videos taken at the Capitol that day. I now make videos that hopefully help J6 defendants in court and also hopefully enlightens the general public about Roseanne Boyland. To this day most people, people who follow politics, don’t know her name.

So being arrested has only tempered my resolve to achieve my goal, that being to let the world know about Roseanne’s murder and those who lied to cover it up.

I do find it frustrating that in the FBI’s statement of facts, they make no mention of the countless phone calls I made to them before January 6th reporting murders, assassinations of cops by cops, rapes, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, open-air prostitution rings, election fraud, public corruption and more all in my hometown of Greenville, MS which is ironically Congressman Bennie Thompson’s district who chaired the Department Of Homeland Security Committee before being named the chair of the fraudulently formed January 6th Committee. Thus giving the democrats and republicans who planned January 6th the perfect conduit to cover up their treason. When I gave the FBI this information they did nothing with it and left me on an island to be murdered by dirty cops in Washington County Mississippi, similar to the way when I started calling them after January 6th and offering my footage from that day and being hung up on by the very same FBI.

What I find comical is the FBI agent who wrote it pretends like they did some sleuthing and through their investigation figured out who I was and built a case against me organically. The government clearly knew who I was when I waived my Fifth Amendment right and willingly testified in Brian Mock’s case about witnessing Roseanne’s murder in which Chief Federal Judge Boasberg stated I was delusional before I could finish getting the words out of my mouth while on the stand. You can read my testimony here. #103-TRANSCRIPT OF PROCEEDINGS in case as to BRIAN CHRISTOPHER MOCK.pdf

I could talk forever about what happened on January 6th and after. But for those interested in seeing the truth of that day, you can follow my Twitter (X) account @JackSmart007 where I have posted all my work, all my videos analyzing the police brutality of January 6th, and much more.

I have also flown to DC and given presentations to congressional staff about how the police started the riot on January 6th. You can see that presentation here. portraid massie presentation.

One of the most important works I had a small hand in creating is the documentary “January 6th A True Timeline, Tucker Carlson said it “Should be the most popular movie in America” when it was released. It’s called “January 6th A True Timeline. You can watch it here.

There have been so many people I have met along the way that have helped me I could never name them all. But I have to make sure to thank Dave Sumrall of, Tennis Evans of and some ladies who have become like family to me, that being Micki Witthoeft, Nicole Reffitt and Tammy Periman of and hosts of the aforementioned January 6th vigil outside the DC Gulag. January 6th defendant Jake Lang of has also done alot to help along the way.

All of the previously mentioned are either January 6ers or family members of January 6ers and and have been greatly affected by the actions of the government before and after the events of January 6th.

None having had more taken from them than Micki Witthoeft whose daughter was murdered inside the Capitol on January 6th by Lt. Michael Byrd.

If you would like to help me to continue my work on January 6th or help me financially through this trying time it will be greatly appreciated since I have not been officially employed since January 6th as I have dedicated my life to this advocacy.

You can do so via one of the options below.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

** Here is Tommy’s GiveSendGo account.

Cash App $tommytatumnews

Venmo @Tommy-Tatum-1

PayPal @tommytatum1

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