The Political Prisoner Podcast: “Let My People Go!” Professor David Clements Talks About his Upcoming Documentary on Jan 6!

The 2020 and 2024 election integrity battles have become a type of patriotic subculture phenomena in America, and at the helm proudly sits Professor David Clements.

David sits down with Jake Lang on The Political Prisoner Podcast for a deeply moving discussion on Jan 6 and his new documentary, ‘Let My People Go ‘ which will be released in November.

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The documentary has been tirelessly perfected by David and his team for almost an entire year and features never before seen proof of the 2020 election misconduct. The over three year long battle for the truth of the 2020 stolen election comes to a spearhead in ‘Let My People Go.’

David and Jake also discuss some of the harshest details of Jake’s confinement for over 1000 days without a trial. As the episode draws to a close, a remarkable thing happens – the spiritual battle is activated and these prayer warriors break out into a heartfelt prayer.

In the interview, Professor Clements shares, “Well, first and foremost, the reason why I got involved in anything is that I was so shaken to the core about January 6, about as a longtime prosecutor, I know what real criminals look like, and the God fearing, God honoring, lovely patrons that were there because their hearts were broken over a stolen election.”

“They shouldn’t be in the Gulag. And I just felt compelled to do what I can. And so I’ve always focused on elections and the ric machines because until we get rid of the Usurpers. You’re never going to have the pardons that are necessary. You’re not going to have the right appointments in the Department of justice, and you’re going to continue to run into this buz, soft corruption. So I’ve never separated the two.”

“You’re going to see this moment of Deliverance. And that’s really what the film focuses on, is what it’s going to take and the reason why. We have a launch date of November 7. It’s one year out from the 2024 election.”

“We’ve got one year to improve the terrain, and Lord willing, we’ll have breakthroughs long before that. That’s what I pray for. But that’s really, in essence, what Let My People Go is about. It’s a Deliverance story, and we’ve got some really creative ways to talk about it. It’s a really tough film to promote because of the liability that’s attached to going after all of the Lawfare targets. We’re going right after Dominion, we’re going after ESNs, we’re going after Chris Ray. We’re going after everyone that we know is responsible for this. And so, as you can imagine, many people have cold feet on having anything to do with the project. I think it will be the ultimate red pill that covers everything that everyone’s been afraid to talk about thus far. And so I can’t wait to get it out there.”

Listen below:

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