Texas CHRISTIAN FAMILY OF FIVE Set to Be Sentenced Next Week for January 6th Participation! PLEASE HELP THIS FAMILY OF PATRIOTS!

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The Biden Regime’s latest target, a Christian family of five from Texas, are set to be sentenced this week in the DC Federal Court. Chief Justice Howell will decide the fate of the Munn family, who pled guilty to attending the January 6th “Stop the Steal” Rally on a family trip. Their sentencing is scheduled for this Wednesday, September 12th and they need help.

The Munn family during their family trip on January 6th. They happily pose for a photo, oblivious to the persecution they would face by the Regime shortly after as a result.

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The family was raided by the FBI last year in a coordinated sting on their homes that left the family in utter shock and terror. This is their tale…another January 6th story of political persecution against our fellow Americans that has become the norm in Biden’s dystopic America… the story of an average American family being bulldozed and used by the Biden Regime to instill fear into the hearts of every other American family that dares protest or question an election.

The extended Munn family before their persecution by the Biden Regime.

The Munn’s Story

Within the panhandle of Texas, approximately an hour from Amarillo, lies the oil town of Borger, TX. Borger, established in 1988, has been home to the Munn family for the past 5 years. Just one family from a town of approximately 13,000 people. The Munns are a quiet, private, devout, and close-knit family who has unexpectedly found themselves at the center of the largest federal criminal investigation in US history. January 6th has had a far-reaching and life-changing impact on thousands of lives, but few families have been impacted as the Munns have.

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Five of the 10 family members were arrested for their participation in events on January 6th. These family members include Tom (father), Dawn (mother), daughters Kristi and teenage Kayli, and young son Joshua.  The family made their decision to go to Washington DC to see President Trump speak and tour the nation’s Capital as they always do – together. Similarly, their decision to plead guilty was one they arrived at together – earlier this year they pled guilty to one misdemeanor charge of picketing inside the Capitol building on January 6. Through the good times and bad, the Munn family decided to do what all families should do – and that is stick together.

Now they must travel back to DC for sentencing this week.

They need help raising funds to get to DC and other related costs as the political persecution of their family by the Biden Regime has crippled them financially.

The extended Munn family in Texas. The Biden Regime has terrorized and raided their homes. Five of the Munns are in danger of being separated from the smaller children and jail time in Federal Prison for picketing at the Capitol. Kayli, the teenage girl in the red dress, in being sentenced this Wednesday in DC Federal Court for a guilty plea of picketing on January 6th.

Since the beginning of their ordeal, this family was relatively unknown to the J6 community of supporters at large. They did not reach out for help and support until mid-June of this summer. For over a year they leaned only on each other, even as their ability to generate an income was significantly hampered.

Kristi and her mother work as traveling nurses, helping to support three households.  However, as the media swooped in to attack the Munns, several of those very hospitals refused to allow them back in their facilities. This was after the Munns were at the forefront of the battle with COVID-19, working in COVID units from the very first day. It was not uncommon to have 5 of the family members all working in the same unit on a shift. They were called heroes by the media and those pushing the COVID narrative, risking their own health! Yet, as soon as it was revealed they participated in the events of January 6th, their ability to make a sustainable income was reduced by nearly 75%. Further, they have continued to face harassment and threats, living in fear that Child Protection Services will target their family.

The social media posts of an unsuspecting Kristi Munn that were used against her and her family by the government.

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This family now faces the greatest challenge of their lives, but they do so without complaint. Rather, they face it with a mixture of faith in God and an unshakable family bond steeped in values, morals, and tradition. The family that Kristi jokes are “gypsies” and “nomads” has lived and traveled all over the country- settling in Borger in great part because of the education system and the way of life.

The Munns homeschooled all their children, although each of them at one time or another attended public school and always had that option. They have all excelled academically. Each family member has a college degree or are in the process of obtaining one. Daughter Kristi has talked about the family decision to move to Borger, TX as being something that has helped them endure this ordeal over the last year and a half. When asked about life in Borger, Kristi replied:

“It’s a slower, quieter pace of life. The people have a love and pride for the land that is almost sacred. They take care of it. You don’t see graffiti and litter. Men open doors, give you a cart at the grocery store and speak to you respectfully. You don’t get cut off in traffic. When there’s a funeral procession, people pull over and stand outside their vehicles to show respect. People are quietly kind. Whether it’s an envelope with a few dollars or money in the gas cap, the people of Texas don’t help in a flashy way. They see a neighbor struggling, and they help out of a sense of morality, duty or perhaps just because that’s who they are. It’s just different, and it’s better, or maybe it’s the way it should be…maybe the way it was.”

Kristi Munn and her Air Force Veteran husband. Kristi will be sentenced along with her parents and younger teenage siblings this Wednesday in DC Federal Court.

Perhaps Kristi is right. Perhaps quiet giving when you see a family struggling is just the way it was, neighbor helping neighbor. Perhaps small towns like Borger, TX are some of the last holdouts to a time gone by. Or, perhaps there are more than we think. Either way, the Munns are one of those families that seem to be from an era that the Biden Regime is intent on stamping out. They live together, work together, learn together, and pray together. They are devout in their faith. They honor and respect their parents and themselves. They remain true to their faith, and they look to help those in need.

To help and support the Munn family with words of encouragement, prayers, and support please click HERE!

Right now, the Munns need help themselves. They are trying to raise last minute funds to travel back to Washington, DC to stand in federal court where Chief Judge Howell will sentence them within the next week, on October 12, 2022. Make no mistake about it- these are not the kind of people who ask for help. Kristi is quick to say that she feels blessed and can’t complain because others have it far worse. She talks about wanting to help those in the J6 community- many she has come to regard as family.

Perhaps that will be the lasting legacy of January 6th — the persecuted people that found each other and came together from all corners of the United States, that in many ways have become a large family. Their supporters fight alongside them for their eventual redemption and this nation’s salvation. We have become stronger through the adversity and through the persecution. In the end we know God will be victorious.

There can be no better model within the J6 Community than the Munn family. They will not ask for help, but the J6 family needs to come together now and support this family in every way possible.

To Help and Support the Munn Family with words of encouragement, prayers, and support please click HERE!

Some members of the Munn family as free women before their sentencing next week.

Send the Munn family words of encouragement, prayers, and support HERE!

Remember, in the end GOD WINS.


Randy Ireland is co-Founder of A4Justice.org (Americans For Justice, Inc) and C.A.P.P. (Citizens Against Political Persecution, Inc). He is a USAF Veteran, a Patriot, successful Entrepreneur, and a staunch defender of the US Constitution, Due Process, and all Political Prisoners.  If you have any tips related to the events of January 6th, or would like to volunteer to help in our efforts, please contact Randy Ireland directly at [email protected].


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