STUNNING REPORT: German Official Suggests Obama Protected Christmas Market Terrorist for Months Before His Bloody Attack in Dec. 2016

Guest post by Collin McMahon
As the third anniversary of the Berlin Christmas Market terror attack on Dec. 19, 2016 approaches, a police detective has testified the German government ignored warnings of the danger posed by terrorist Anis Amri.

Christmas Market terrorist Anis Amri

Was the Obama government involved in protecting the prospective mass murderer?

The bombshell testimony came after a year of dilly-dallying and wasting time on the parliamentary investigative committee, AfD co-chair Beatrix von Storch told Breitbart News  today:

“The investigation committee wasted a year hearing irrelevant testimony, and now that we have the first real witness, we find out why: the German government was warned of Anis Amri as a potential terrorist, explicitly and concretely, almost a year ahead of time, and did everything they could to prevent the attack – from being prevented.

The North Rhine-Westfalian state police detective, identified only as “M.”, testified his department had warned Federal and Berlin police, to where Anis Amri had moved from the Rhineland, that Amri was extremely dangerous. The officer was told privately to stand down because pursuing the ISIS terrorist was “too much work”. The order came from “the very top”, the officer was told by his contact in the Federal police. When he asked who precisely, he was told the order came from an intel head of the Federal police and from then-Interior Secretary Thomas de Maizière. M. testified he was “shocked and consternated” by these orders, and spoke to two state prosecutors about the matter, Die Zeit reported.
The spokeswoman for the victim’s families, Astrid Passin, who lost her father in the attack, demanded that former Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière be subpoenaed to testify. “We were always told the higher-ups would be questioned at the very end,” Passin told Die Welt, “but we think that is a mistake.”
The Tunisian Anis Amri came to Germany as a “refugee” 2015 and first lived in Hildesheim in North Rhine Westfalia, where he got in touch with hate preacher Abu Walaa, a known contact person for ISIS in Germany, which also brought him to the attention of investigators. In March 2016, he moved to Berlin, where he frequented Fussilet Mosque, known to be a hotbed of Islamic State agitation and recruitment. Amri was arrested multiple times for drug dealing and forgery, and was known to have used multiple identities and commit welfare fraud, yet he was not deported, even as his asylum request was denied a total of 14 times.
The police office M., however, who sought to alert his superiors to the danger posed by Amri, a highly respected officer who meticulously assembled his case to document Amri’s connections to the Islamic State and the danger he posed, was blocked at every step of the and disciplined by higher-ups for trying to get to the bottom of it, a bestselling author claims.
On Dec. 19, 2016, Anis Amri hijacked a 25-ton semi, killing its Polish driver Lukasz Urban, and ploughing it into the Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz, killing 11 and injuring 55. Harlingen, Texas native Peter Volker was among the dead, his partner Richard Ramirez from San Benito, Texas, was injured.

Germany Christmas Market terror attack in December 2016
Author Stefan Schubert, himself a former police officer, has written a book on the subject of the 2016  Berlin, Germany Chirstmas Market Attack and told Gateway Pundit the cover-up seems to involve the Obama government.
Schubert claims the CIA and Obama government were using Anis Amri as a plant to keep tabs on the Islamic State camps in Sirte and Benghazi, Libya.
On January 24,  2017, CNN reported that a January 18 airstrike carried out on an ISIS  camp near Sirte was linked to Anis Amri and the Christmas Market massacre:

Overnight on January 18-19 (2017), two B-2 bombers making a 30-hour round trip from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, dropped 100 precision munitions on the camps, killing more than 80 ISIS fighters, according to initial Pentagon estimates.
In a news conference on January 19, outgoing Defense Secretary Ash Carter said, “Importantly, these strikes were directed against some of ISIL’s external plotters, who were actively planning operations against our allies in Europe … and may also have been connected with some attacks that have already occurred in Europe.” …
During investigations into Amri before the Berlin attack, two Libyan cell phone numbers were flagged by the German foreign intelligence service BND for further investigation, Germany’s Ministry of Interior revealed last week. In a chronology it released, the ministry also stated Amri had wanted to join ISIS in Syria, Iraq or Libya and was believed to have lived in Berlin with a Moroccan national whose paternal cousins were said to be ISIS members in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

Schubert told the Gateway Pundit his sources claim Amri’s cell phone had been compromised during an arrest and cloned, giving German and US intelligence access to all his communications. BND and CIA were using the location metadata to keep tabs on the location of ISIS camps in Libya, Schubert says, which served as the road map for the Jan. 18 air strike.
Speaking to Cicero magazine, Green Party investigative panel member Hans Christian Ströbele has also voiced the theory that Anis Amri may have been protected by the CIA to continue using him as an intel asset, thereby – perhaps unwittingly – allowing him to execute the terror attack.
“The  Interior Department gave us Anis Amri’s cell phone logs going back to his arrival in Germany, but all the communications with Libya were expunged”, Ströbele said. “He communicated with ISIS in February 2016, and sought advice on a suicide attack. All that is gone from the chronology we got. As of June 2016, Amri was allegedly no longer under surveillance.”
Ströbele speculates the Obama administration began preparing a military strike against ISIS in Libya in fall of 2016, and told all other agencies to stand down. “If Amri had been arrested, it would have tipped off his Libyan counterparts and allowed them to get away.”
AfD MP Petr Bystron conducted a fundraiser for the victims‘ families and sponsored a panel in the German Parliament with author Stefan Schubert. He told Gateway Pundit, „The AfD pushed for a parliamentary investigation into the terror attack, which the other parties first opposed and then tried to stymie with all kinds of useless lines of inquiry. Now, finally, after a year of committee work, a witness has come forward and officially testified that he even alerted former Interior Secretary Thomas De Maiziere to the danger posed by Amri, and yet nothing was done. It seems the government and the Federal police actually went out of their way to protect a known ISIS member like Amri so he could go on to kill 12 people and injure 48. This is a scandal of historic proportions. We will keep pushing for a complete investigation into why this was permitted, and for those responsible to be held accountable.”
Stefan Schubert: The Truth about Anis Amri (in German)
The Bundestag panel with Beatrix von Storch, Petr Byston and Stefan Schubert (in German)


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