SICK. Ocasio Cortez Compares Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to Sexual Abusers who Are Trying to Silence Their Victims

This is one sick woman.
Socialist Democrat Alexandria Cortez came out as a sexual abuse survivor in an emotional Instagram video on Monday night.
Then she compared Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Josh Hawley to sexual abusers trying to silence their victims.
That is really, really sick.
She needs a good therapist.

Ocasio-Cortez compared Republicans challenging fraud in the 2020 election — something Democrats do regularly when they lose — to sexual abusers.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: “Or my favorite this past week, Ted Cruz and now Representatives Chip Roy, and oh, by the way, some of the other representatives who actually encourage people to threaten members of Congress or tweeted out the location of the Speaker, are now telling me to apologize for saying and speaking truth to what happened,” she claimed. “These are the tactics of abusers. Or rather, these are the tactics that abusers use. And so when I see this happen, how I feel and how I felt was not again, I’m not going to let this happen again, I’m not going to let it happen to me again, I’m not going to let it happen to the other people who’ve been victimized by this situation again, and I’m not letting gonna let this happen to our country, ever. I’m not going to let it happen.”


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