Shocking: Courageous J6 Politcial Prisoner Shares Deplorable, Life-Threatening Conditions Facing Prisoners at Metropolitan Detention Center Brooklyn

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J6 prisoner Ryan Samsel has been locked up for over three years now under the Biden regime and has faced continued medical neglect.

In April, The Gateway Pundit reported that federal agents raided Samsel’s jail cell and dragged him to solitary confinement in the hole of the Metropolitan Detention Center Brooklyn (MDC).

The conditions are so dangerous at MDC that in January, a Southern District of New York Judge refused to send a prisoner there, citing the horrific conditions.

It is one of the most notoriously dangerous jail systems in the country. 

Ryan reports black mold in the showers, a lack of cleaning supplies, leaking toilets, no emergency buttons in cells,
dirty and extremely dusty and dirty units, expired food, undercooked food, brown drinking water, extremely long waits to see medical, “if any,” and exposed electrical wires sticking out all over.

In addition, Ryan reports that prisoners spend more than 50% of their time locked down and are often deprived of religion practices.

***Please support political prisoner Ryan Samsel’s legal defense here *** 

Ryan reached out to The Gateway Pundit to share the unsanitary and dangerous conditions faced by prisoners at MDC:

The BOP is a complete failure; that is something that all Americans can agree on. Every month, left-wing activists stand on the roof of the Amazon building, yelling to us, “WE LOVE YOU!” I was sent to M.D.C Brooklyn by Jia Cobb, a Biden-appointed judge who has denied me basic human rights, along with medical assistance. I made it my mission to expose the truth.

NY judges have heard rumors of the deplorable conditions in M.D.C Brooklyn, such as medical neglect, killings, stabbings, lockdowns, and maggots in the food. People are locked in the hole for years without disciplinary sanctions based on false investigations. I myself am not allowed family visits WHY!! Because I expose them.

Unsanitary conditions inside MDC.

During a walkthrough of higher-level inspectors and wardens, I spoke to a man who asked not to be named yet. I showed him the showers and explained to him the reason people are dying is that all the emergency call buttons are disconnected. I witnessed people coughing up blood due to the contaminated vents, and the attached pictures provide evidence. I wrote to my judge, Jia Cobb, and explained this to her when I was here last time. I was stabbed in my face and arm and had no emergency call button. A Spanish inmate sewed up my wounds.

Brown water at MDC.

I showed the high-level inspector that I was scheduled for surgery in B.O.P, but it never went through, and none of my treatments have. The judges in NY have considered giving inmates who spend time here three days credit for every day served here, and some already give out two days credit as an unwritten rule at sentencing. My judge, Jia Cobb, strongly disagrees with this, so she sent me back to MDC Brooklyn after I was robbed and stabbed as a way of retaliation.

Unsanitary conditions inside MDC.

It is all working out because this is so much bigger than Jan 6. This is why crime is so high in America. Judges like Jia Cobb are the very reason there is no reform programs, no treatment, no real safety. The inmates run the jail; you have to join a gang just to survive. How can we release people who have now suffered severe PTSD from government abuse? They lock us up, treat us like animals, feed us maggots and raw food, and expect them to go home as civilized human beings.

***Please support political prisoner Ryan Samsel’s legal defense here *** 

Unsanitary conditions inside MDC.

We, the people, have nobody to represent us. 100% of inmates in here on pretrial detention are begging for Trump. He was the first president with real impactful federal prison reform with the First Step Act. They now see what the Biden administration has in mind for America. They have yet to even speak of prison reform or anything to actually help the people of America, the real citizens like me and you, not the elite he’s buddy up with.

Unsanitary conditions inside MDC.

I have spent so far $45,000 of the money Patrick Burns donated and I raised on Sam Mangel so he can live first class. MTG promised to help J6ers and in fact, when she came to DC, I was told she refused to see me. I was beaten blind in one eye, suffered a broken nose, blood clots, and was very badly assaulted.

Prisoners receive spoiled milk.

I am starting an organization called the Effort, and it is an effort to become better today than yesterday. The inmates in the B.O.P across the country do want to be rehabilitated from the trauma and poverty that brought them to crime. They seek to be fixed, but the B.O.P only compounds the already existing mental issues with more severe trauma of a new kind.

MDC serves expired food.

We want to pay our debts to society, but when is enough enough? If we instead of sending countless dollars back into the pockets of Congress funding wars that don’t have anything to do with us, we would have the funds and resources to fix the issue if our leaders acted as real leaders of the people rather than egotistical desensitized humans feeding their egos.

Meal at MDC.

Allocate funds into B.O.P for health, education, real rehabilitation programs, and mental health programs. I promise you the crime rate and recidivism would drop significantly. I believe everybody agrees. Let’s get sports back like boxing and schools. People would quit killing each other with something else to distract their already traumatized minds.

***Please support political prisoner Ryan Samsel’s legal defense here *** 

Meal at MDC.

I believe this is my calling. I am not a patriot or a hero. I’m a man who loves his fellow man and understands that hurt people hurt people, so why do we keep hurting already broken souls? I ask everybody to spread this article and idea. Trump, this is a message from prisons to you. Make Ryan Samsel the director of B.O.P when you’re in office.

Undercooked food at MDC.

President Trump has spoken about me at one of his rallies about the abuse and treatment. Please join the Effort and hit the donate button so we can afford to launch a website and get a real legal team to help. This way, other inmates can use the case law to help them later. Nobody should have to live in such conditions, and Democrats, Republicans, and anyone in between should contact Congress and ask why these judges are getting away with this.

Please, we and MDC Brooklyn beg you to help. Donate and pass this along, ask others and celebrities to repost. With the donations and help, the effort will launch a campaign to change America from the bottom to the top.

We vote Trump!!!!!!

***Please support political prisoner Ryan Samsel’s legal defense here *** 


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