Shocker: FBI Has Still Not Identified Who Set Up the Fake Art “Gallows” on Jan. 6 or Arrested Anyone Chanting “Hang Mike Pence”

Last week, serial liar Liz Cheney lectured the American public telling her national audience during on live TV that Donald Trump expressed approval to death threats against Vice President Mike Pence.

Cheney told her American audience,

Liz Cheney: “You will hear the president yelling and quote “really angry at advisors who told him he needed to do something more.” And aware of the rioters chants to hang Mike Pence the president responded with this sentiment, quote, “Maybe our supporters have the right idea.”

This was ridiculous and hearsay. For one, no one heard about the “hang Mike Pence” chants that day. There is ONE video of this happening. We have no idea who was behind the chants or if the video was doctored. And Liz Cheney made the claim based on hearsay and opinion. It was just another Cheney lie.

President Trump later came out on Truth Social and confirmed Liz Cheney was misleading the public once again.

The fake news mainstream media LOVES to replay video of “Trump supporters” allegedly chanting “hang Mike Pence.”

The fake news also LOVES to repost the picture of the mysterious gallows and noose that was erected near the US Capitol on January 6th. The media will not tell you or show that this was labeled “art” and was not intended for use. It was a display!

What the media refuses to do is investigate this incident. Who was behind it? Who put up the gallows? Who brought the noose? Who was leading the “hang Mike Pence” chants at the US Capitol?  Has anyone chanting, “Hang Mike Pence,” been arrested? Where is the video of the men and women erecting the gallows?

Snopes says there was another noose incident that day.  They posted video of masked protesters destroying camera equipment.  Snopes claims they made a noose from a cable.

Who were these people and were they arrested for their criminal acts?

Julie Kelly asked these same questions this weekend.

Was it an art display? And if so, why is it being used as evidence of intent to kill Mike Pence and dirty politicians by the sham committee?

The FBI allegedly took possession of the gallows after the protests. That’s interesting.

And now Liz Cheney and the fake news are using it to frame all Trump supporters. How convenient!

Will we ever get the truth from these political hacks in Congress or their deep state operatives in the FBI? It’s doubtful.


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