MORE VIDEO EVIDENCE Shows the ‘Riots’ At the US Capitol Were Infiltrated by Antifa and Other Radicals

Antifa and others inserted themselves into the Capitol protests and framed Trump supporters.  There is now ample evidence to support this.

Antifa-BLM leader John Sullivan organized an Antifa protest at the Washington Memorial not far from the US Capitol on January 6th.
This was right before the violence at the US Capitol.
For some reason, the mainstream media refuses to report on this Antifa protest?

John Sullivan was later arrested for rioting inside the US Capitol.  No one has yet asked what happened to his cronies?
There is also video of Antifa handing out weapons from a bag during the Capitol Hill riots.
The media has also ignored this.

NEW VIDEO: Antifa Hands Out Weapons from Bag During Storming of US Capitol

Now a new video has surfaced showing Antifa or Antifa-like individuals in the Capitol on January 6th huddling in a Capitol office and regrouping after rioting in the capitol. 
The individuals appear happy that they did what they planned on doing – rioting in the Capitol.
One man had a Trump flag around his neck (see above).
Another woman hollers into the room full of what appear to be Antifa anarchists and gives them directions on how to escape the Capitol building.

Below is a short video of the event:

This is all consistent with what we previously reported.
Experts agreed with our reporting that the protests were infiltrated by outside groups:

Expert Michael Yon Looked for Cells at Capitol Protests and Immediately Identified Antifa and Others

Other Antifa members bragged about dressing up as Trump supporters:

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Antifa Protester John Sullivan Brags About Posing As Trump Supporter, Breaking Window At US Capitol Building During Riots

Antifa members were in the area during the innocent shooting of Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt too:

HUGE! Analysis of Video of Trump Supporter Ashli Babbitt Death in the Capitol Shows Antifa’s Actions Led to Shots Being Fired (VIDEO)

It does not appear the mainstream media is looking for the truth behind this tragic event.


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