It Was All a Set Up: Even NYT Admits Police Ordered to Stand Down on January 6th – Yet the DOJ and FBI Are Harassing and Indicting Innocent Americans Proving They are Corrupt

The Capitol Police on January 6th were given orders to stand down. 

Pelosi refused Trump’s offer before that day for National Guard troops at the Capitol.  Director Wray continues to lie and say there was no evidence of Antifa at the Capitol that day.  Now the DOJ is indicting innocent Americans invited into the Capitol by the police?  This is not right, it’s not justice and America knows it.

The New York Times reported this week what we already knew from videos of that day, that the Capitol police were told to stand down on January 6th.

We also know that Pelosi refused National Guard troops on January 6th after President Trump’s suggestion:

FAKE NEWS CLOWN SHOW: WaPo Does Backflips to Defend Liar Pelosi After Trump Slams Her for Denying National Guard Troops at US Capitol on Jan. 6

We also know that Director Wray lied and said there was no evidence of radical left groups like Antifa disguising themselves as Trump supporters at the Capitol that day:

Seriously?… FBI Director Chris Wray Testifies There Is No Evidence of “Fake Trump Supporters” at US Capitol During Riot

Of course, Director Wray must have known that Antifa/BLM were there – they bragged about it online:

IGNORED BY MEDIA AND FBI: Antifa-BLM Activists Are Posting Photos and Bragging Online About Storming US Capitol on Jan. 6

We also know that Trump supporters were invited into the Capitol by the police:

And there is more evidence of police welcoming Trump supporters into the Capitol:

Yet, with all this known, the DOJ and FBI are harassing and indicting innocent Americans who walked into the Capitol and walked out of the Capitol that day.
Even pregnant single mothers are not safe:

EXCLUSIVE: Pregnant Single Mother Raided By FBI, Detained For a Week After Going Through an Open Door at the US Capitol — Now Faces Over 30 Years in Prison

A mother of four who stopped people (likely Antifa) from damaging things at the Capitol is not safe:

EXCLUSIVE: Mother of Four Who Stopped Capitol Protesters From Breaking Windows Raided, Faces 55 Years in Prison

A member of the Proud Boys is certainly not safe – the DC Swamp has labeled them dangerous (but Antifa and BLM are ok):

UPDATE: Judge Orders Release of Proud Boys Member Ethan Nordean After Feds Get Caught – Oversold His Case Like Worthless Trinkets from a 3 AM Infomercial

If our FBI and DOJ were legit they would be investigating the actions taken by Pelosi, her colleagues, and Antifa surrounding events that day, and not innocents who were invited in the Capitol walked around and left.

In summary, Pelosi refused National Guard at the Capitol before the January 6th speech and the Capitol police were told to stand down before Trump’s speech.  Trump supporters were invited into the Capitol and are then harassed and indicted for entering the Capitol.  If this isn’t a setup by the DC swamp then what is?


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