Second ‘Oathkeeper’ Pleads Guilty While Pre-Trial Proceedings Continue This Afternoon

Last Friday Brian Ulrich of Guyton, GA plead guilty to seditious conspiracy in a new case filed at the beginning of this year (Rhodes et al.) Another defendant in this case, Joshua James, plead guilty to the same charges two months earlier.

This afternoon, two status hearings take places in the Rhodes case to discuss details before trial. The public can listen in to the hearings at 1pm and 2 30 by dialing 877 848 7030, access code 3218747.

Ulrich reportedly walked inside the Capitol with James and co-defendant Roberto Minuta. The men walked single-file in a manner similar to what appears in this picture below.  This image is highlighted often in the government’s written complaints.

Out of 11 individuals indicted in Rhodes et al and 19 in Caldwell et al, (the original Oathkeepers case), it appears little is written about Ulrich. Before the event, the government mentions he sent a private Signal message describing his intent to bring a firearm. However, he left it at a Virginia hotel. Afterwards, he messaged Joshua James, stating James and Oathkeepers founder Stewart Rhodes should stay ‘under the radar.’

It appears the DOJ has documented other defendants in a greater capacity. Their stories offer a different narrative than allegations all defendants were allegedly involved in a secret organization planning violent actions.

Thomas Caldwell’s wife Sharon states on her husband’s legal defense page:

“Tom Caldwell was NEVER a ‘member of this organization. The government has subsequently admitted [see pages 4 and 9] Tom was not a member of the Oathkeepers. In fact, the President of the Oathkeepers has publicly stated that Tom was not a member of his organization.”

In addition, it appears not every ‘Oathkeeper’ knew each other or communicated before the event. James Beeks approached a group of Oathkeepers on Jan. 6th, introducing himself as a newcomer. He recalled Kelly Meggs’ social media posts, but seemed to lack awareness of who the supposed key players were in person.

Lastly, Jessica Watkins documented to the court early on in her case (pg 12) “a belief that the violence was not among those who shared her views but by ‘agitators.’”

“I don’t want to call it a false flag, but it was some people hijacking what started off as a peaceful movement,” Watkins said.

Four of Ulrich’s fellow defendants-Jessica Watkins, Kelly Meggs, Kenneth Harrelson, and Stewart Rhodes-remain in prison pre-trial. Jury trials for Rhodes et al take place July 11th and September 26 in DC District Court’s Ceremonial Courtroom. While the Caldwell et al case does not have a firm trial date, Judge Amit Mehta estimates one will take place between Nov. 28 and Dec. 22.

You can support the legal defense of the following defendants who are detained pretrial by visiting their GiveSendGo pages: Kenneth Harrelson Kelly Meggs Jessica Watkins legal defense



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