ROGER STONE EXCLUSIVE: Does CNN Ever Report the Truth? CPAC Rap Video Mischaracterized in Smear

Guest post by Roger Stone

I don’t know where it all went wrong with CNN. There was a time when as a veteran Republican strategist and pundit, I would appear regularly on their shows. I always thought Anderson Cooper was extraordinarily balanced and fair in our interviews.

While my jousting with Chris Cuomo was “spirited”, they were still fair and Chris Cuomo always allowed me ample time to speak, something he doesn’t do with all of his guests. I still have an extraordinarily high regard for the political acumen of Mike Smerconish, who has a terrific Saturday show and who truly understands the nexus between law and politics, and whose analysis has always been fair all the way back to his days in Philadelphia radio days.
Then for more than two years, CNN attacked me repeatedly insisting that I was in league with Russian intelligence and had collaborated with WikiLeaks and released sensitive data that was politically detrimental to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.  CNN insisted I knew about the phishing and publication of John Podesta’s e-mail. Chris Cuomo even pressed me on this canard on air. Mueller’s final report was unveiled, asserting that no factual evidence of this claim could be found either CNN reported…nothing.
CNN insisted that although I had only technically been charged with, “lying to Congress”  my trial would reveal additional contacts and crimes involving WikiLeaks and Assange and kept up a steady drumbeat of vituperation for almost two years.
CNN is the same outfit that reported that Mueller had obtained my bank and tax records. Does anyone think this was leaked to CNN by my bank or the IRS?  Yet another illegal leak as I will prove when I file my ” Bevins” lawsuit against the prosecutors in my case this fall.
I’d say CNN has their own explaining to do. I was arrested at 6:06 AM on January 25, 2020, when 29 heavily armed FBI agents surrounded my home to take me into custody.  At 6:11 AM, CNN Correspondent Sara Murray texted my lawyer, Grant Smith, a draft copy of my indictment that had in its metatag the initials of its author – the diabolical and ethically corrupt, Andrew Weissmann. How did CNN get a document at 6 AM that was not unsealed for the public docket until 8:55 AM that morning?
The leak of the plan to execute an arrest or search warrant is a felony. CNN’s response that the document texted to Smith was taken from the Special Counsel’s website would not only mean the Special Prosecutor broke the seal but is completely disproved by forensic research which shows that the Office of Special Counsel did not post my indictment prior to it be unsealed and put on the docket by a Federal Magistrate at 8:55 am.
In discovery in pretrial motions, my attorneys forced the DOJ to admit that the FBI had never examined the computer servers of the Democratic National Committee. This contradicted the claims of FBI Director Comey and acting attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, that the government had proof of this alleged hacking. This revelation seriously threatened the underpinnings of the already teetering credibility of the Muller investigation, so it became essential that I be silenced lest I bring Mueller’s entire phony witch hunt down.  President Trump’s Acting DNI Director Rick Grenell ultimately did this when he forced the declassification of documents that prove definitively that Mueller’s probe was based entirely on a  fabricated dossier that FBI Director James Comey and Mueller’s dirtiest cop Andrew Weissman both knew was a fraud paid for by Hillary Clinton and prepared with the assistance of Russian intelligence assets.
When an image that I posted on Instagram was mischaracterized, there was a resultant media frenzy in which I was inaccurately accused of threatening the judge in my court case. I said then under oath that, “no threat against the judge was intended” and this innocuous image turned into a media conflagration and gave the judge the impetus to prohibit me from all public commentary on any subject on television, cable, radio, and the Internet including social media. You see they have to gag you before they try to lynch you.
Now CNN seeks to recycle this entire incident by pouncing on a two-year-old closed investigation of the matter which ended in no charges being filed.  CNN recycled this canard yet again when they questioned Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio, who had been questioned in the investigation but had no knowledge or evidence of my mischaracterized intention regarding the Instagram posting.  In both cases, CNN intimated that the investigation into the incident in which I was falsely accused of threatening the Judge in my case, took place recently in connection with the investigations into the Jan. 6th Capitol riot.  This isn’t journalism – this is disinformation. 
Now the CNN propagandists Don Lemon and Donie O’Sullivan have attacked me again claiming that I was dancing at CPAC to a rap song the lyrics of which ” glorifies” the illegal assault on the Capitol on January 6th.
Here’s what rapper Forgiato Blow – who wrote the lyrics to the song in question – said after his performance of the song and my dance to it garnered 3.5 M views on- line.

The song “Patriot Sweep” is about the Capitol protest on Jan 6 and how Patriots are treated differently than other protesters. My intent was to show that the media paints Patriots in a bad light yet the Antifa and BLM protesters in Oregon took over an entire city for months holding the downtown area hostage and the media praises their courage and law enforcement did nothing.

The line currently being falsely dissected by mainstream news – CNN and others- has been shortened in an attempt to make it seem like I am glorifying the Jan 6 protest-which I absolutely am not doing.
The whole line states “the Fed’s did a sweep they were knocking at the front door – Patriots pulling up knocking at the capital”. What I meant by this is the Feds did a sweep and arrested a number of people directly for the event on Jan 6. Yet most Patriots were peacefully “knocking” outside the doors of the Capitol.
I repeated numerous times throughout the song that we came to peacefully protest – my exact words were ” we came to spread peace”.
The fact that the media has clipped my song altering the meaning and that CNN contacted me trying to say I glorified the insurrection only proves that my next line is totally accurate – “media painting pictures- painting us like criminals”.

Make no mistake about it, the people at CNN are and continue to be near hysterical that I, through the grace of God, escaped the snare promoted by CNN and so carefully set by Congressman Adam Schiff, and Robert Mueller’s dirty cops. 

There will yet be legal consequences for those at CNN who tried to destroy me and lie about me even today.   I don’t get my news from CNN for the same reason I don’t eat out of the toilet. 

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