ROGER STONE EXCLUSIVE: “Baseless Media Claims That I Was Involved In the Riot at the Capitol January 6th Are a HOAX To Motivate Prosecutors Despite Any Evidence”

Guest post by Roger Stone

Any statement, claim, insinuation, or report alleging, or even implying, that I had any involvement in or knowledge, whether advance or contemporaneous, about the commission of any unlawful acts by any person or group in or around the U.S. Capitol or anywhere in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, is categorically false.

There exists absolutely NO true, credible, legitimate, or factual evidence to the contrary, because such conduct on my part did not occur. No honest investigation will produce any credible evidence to the contrary.  Claims that my ‘ties” to the crimes of January 6 must be investigated come on the heels of a shoddy and baseless series of stories by NBC, ABC, CNN, the New York Times, the New York Daily News, the Seattle Times, the scum at Salon, and others using the sleazy technique of ‘guilt by association” to imply that I was somehow involved in the riot at the Capitol January 6th despite any evidence whatsoever to back this claim.
On January 5th in Washington DC, I exercised my free speech rights to support the Greatest President since Abraham Lincoln, Donald J. Trump, and to support the examination of the more-than- circumstantial evidence of voter fraud as well as cyber-manipulation of the vote. There were many, many anomalies about the 2020 vote that raised legitimate questions about the integrity and the transparency of the vote. Making this argument is not sedition or treasonous. I spoke twice at permitted events on January 5th. I recognized that the state-certified votes for Joe Biden would be certified by the Senate but members of both the House and the Senate had legitimate authority to argue and vote for further examination of the reported vote. I was in DC to support that perfectly legal process.
Now they are at it again. Just as these very same, so-called “mainstream” media outlets insisted for two years that I was a Russian asset and collaborated with Wikileaks on the timing of the release of the disclosures that were so damaging to Hillary Clinton, these indisputably-dishonest broadcast and print outlets (that have established for themselves a now lengthy, sordid track record of acting with reckless, if not purposeful, disregard for the truth), are now seeking to implicate me in illegal actions I know nothing about and played no role in.
It’s the Mueller Russian Collusion playbook all over again, like when the New York Times reported on page one above the fold that a Party Ledger had been found in Ukraine that showed Paul Manafort pocketed $28M.  The problem was the ledger turned out to be a forgery most likely fabricated by Ukrainian Intelligence and paid for by Victor Pinchuk. The Times reporter who reported this story pushed numerous other false, vicious, and baseless stories.
Their last assault on me was shown to be nothing but a frothy partisan confection designed to sustain a media distortion campaign based on illegal and sometimes inaccurate leaks from Mueller handler Andrew Weissmann and provide cover for my contrived, rigged, and malicious Mueller prosecution.
Just minutes before midnight on November 3, 2020, the US Department of Justice disgorged, by federal court order, the last hidden portions of the Special Counsel Report on Roger Stone.  The DOJ finally admitted that Mueller’s dirty cops, with unlimited taxpayer funding and unlimited legal authority, reviewed over 1 million emails, four years of phone records, hundreds and thousands of text messages at the same time dragging 31 of my current or former associates before the grand jury where they were abused by prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky.  Zelinsky, a hot-headed self-righteous Yalie on a power trip (who got into a fistfight in the DOJ cafeteria with one of his superiors over my sentencing) found no evidence to support the media claim.
Prosecutors then indicted me for lying about events they now concede they could find no evidence I had been involved in. This included any crime involving Russian Intelligence, Wikileaks, or Jullian Assange-including the phishing and publication of John Podesta’s e-mails. So in other words when Robert Mueller said in an OP-ED in the Washington Post after the President commuted my sentence that I was “communicating with Russian Intelligence Officers(s)”, he was lying because his own report proved no such thing.
False statements must be wilful and be material. None of my alleged “lies” to Congress hid any underlying crime. There was never any credible motive to lie. It was a frame-up that assumed that Mueller’s redacted report would remain forever sealed.
Incredibly, Mueller’s prosecutors confessed finding “no factual evidence” to substantiate any criminal charges against me concerning the Russians, Wikileaks, Julian Assange, or anyone else, for that matter. Of the major corporate media outlets that repeatedly and recklessly published, or otherwise broadcast, purported news stories proliferating the demonstrably-false Russian collusion fraud, virtually none saw fit to report this stunning admission that there were no crimes to be found in any of my activities in the 2016 election.
This latest smear, fueled by the contrived hysteria of Democrat drama queens peddling fantasy narratives about the January 6th riot is part and parcel of a long-held vindictive mania to exact retribution for the stunning defeat visited on them by Donald Trump’s historic 2016 election victory.  This and because of the exposure of the unfairness and corruption of the Soviet-style show trial I was subjected to simply because I supported Trump for president and because I refused to bear false witness against him in return for a recommendation of leniency to the Judge in my case.
What we are seeing with this multi-pronged attack media campaign underway today is a redux of the exact template they used in the Russian collusion fraud: constant repetition and the progressive embellishment of false accusations to create a completely-fabricated air of legitimacy and reality despite the absence of any real evidence at all.
Furious that the false narrative they concocted about me in the Mueller witch hunt was ultimately exposed and that the concealed bias of the Jury Forewoman was revealed, essentially leading to my pardon, these same media jackals now seek once again to push baseless allegations to facilitate a prosecution despite an absence of any real evidence or proof of any crime.  Watch Ken Dilanian of NBC News. He’s a shill for the CIA and was once fired by the Chicago Tribune for clearing his histories with the agency.  Watch Ali Dukakis of ABC, whose grandfather was the 1988 Democratic nominee for President and is duplicitous by putting her ambition above her journalistic ethics.  And, by the way, Wolf Blitzer has the worst breath of anyone I’ve ever met.
The fact that members of an organization called the Oath Keepers, comprised of current and former law enforcement officers and retired military veterans supplied a voluntary security detail for me on January 5th does not in any way constitute evidence that I was involved or aware in advance of the unlawful assault on the Capitol and the misguided attempt to stop the Constitutionally prescribed process for certifying the results of the election.
When the Oath Keepers are called a “right-wing militia”, they aren’t.  When they are described as “anti-government and as extremist or violent”,  you are getting a biased analysis from a pasty-faced, 135 lb Ivyleague punk at the New York Times who thinks ANTIFA is just an idea.  Even more absurd is the contention that my public remarks on January 5th in which I expressed my belief in God and an apocalyptical view of America’s future, that this somehow moved people to assault the Capitol is a non-sequitur only CNN would be dishonest enough to claim otherwise.
This constant repetition of the baseless allegation that because I was photographed with members of the Oath Keepers that it means I was involved in the breach of the Capitol, is designed to persuade some politicized prosecutor that the allegation is based in fact. The media’s insistence that Roger Stone had been the recipient of Wikileak’s purloined email and passed it on the Trump campaign, an assumption completely bought by Mueller’s henchman but which was in fact based solely on Stone’s own public Twitter feed would come very close to driving Stone prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky insane.
Based solely on the media drumbeat, the bombastic junior prosecutor became convinced that Stone had received the stolen data, had paid for it, had hidden it, but that proof of all of this eluded him.  Zelinsky became like Ahab with the white whale dragging over 30 witnesses before the grand jury to browbeat them regarding where Stone was hiding the stuff he got from Wikileaks. When Zelinsky couldn’t make a case against me, Mueller Deputy Weissman and the de facto head of the Mueller Investigation, told Zelinsky he was ‘ a dumb son of a bitch”.  Weissmann took the Stone files home to structure a clever but bogus indictment because he knew Judge Amy Berman Jackson would not dismiss Stone’s case.  Zelinsky later made the mistake of lying about Stone’s sentencing memo.  I recently retained lawyer Davis Schoen to file a formal complaint with the office of professional responsibility at the DOJ as well as at the Maryland Bar. Look for a heavy cable TV, radio, and digital media campaign targeting Baltimore demanding Zelinsky be disbarred.
The Oath Keepers provided voluntary security for me when off-duty DC Police officers who usually legally do this work were not available. The Oath Keepers I met were organized and professional as well as courteous. I heard or saw no illegal or inappropriate acts by the Oath Keepers volunteers. If, in fact, any member of the Oath Keepers-(I am told there were at least 500 members in DC) that I met or brushed up against DC was involved in the idiocy of breaching the Capitol, that person should be prosecuted.
No Republican Strategist would think a mob illegally breaking into the Capitol, trespassing, destroying public property or menacing law-makers would somehow help the President’s cause.  Instead, the Deep State uses it to justify the further crack-down on our civil rights and liberties. Those crazy enough to have assaulted the Capitol are not only politically tone-deaf but they engaged in criminal acts. They should face charges.
Sadly, I cannot travel far from home and, in many places near where I live, without private security given the death threat’s to me, my wife, and family, I myself have had many confrontations in public, places, airplanes, streets, restaurants, parking lots and elsewhere. I needed private security- particularly in DC which was a freak-show during my trial.  The Oath Keepers were quiet, respectful, polite, and efficient and I felt safe which is not always the case. My wife was assaulted by a leftist outside our home only weeks ago.
Uncontent with having dragged my name through the mud, having taken two years of my life, having put stress on my poor wife, and driving us to the brink of bankruptcy were not enough.  The judge suspended my First Amendment right to free speech and the media were unwilling to report either the now-proven perjury by government witnesses at my rigged trial or Mueller’s tightly held (redacted) confession that he never had a case against me – and all the leaks about “Stone and Russia” and “Stone and Wikileaks” and “Stone and Assange” were wrong.  The jackals of the media now hope to upend my life again and fuel an investigation to find proof of the unprovable; I was not at the Capitol on January 6th, and categorically deny any knowledge or involvement in the shocking events there.  Any claim to the contrary is unprovable because it is false.

The same people who lied about me in the Russia Hoax and got caught are lying about me again in a vicious, malicious campaign of distortion and destruction, but Roger Stone STILL did nothing wrong.

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