READ The Letter The Sham January 6 Committee Sent Ginni Thomas Requesting Her Appearance

On Thursday, the January 6 House Committee sent a letter to Virginia “Ginni” Thomas requesting she speak to them regarding “information concerning John Eastman’s plans and activities relevant to” their investigation.

The Daily Caller first obtained the letter. It comes just hours after Chairman Bennie Thompson told Axios that the committee thinks “it’s time that we, at some point, invite her [Thomas] to come talk to the committee.”

Thomas indicated that she would be willing to go and speak with the committee and said she “can’t wait to clear up misconceptions.” 

The letter says, “The Committee believes that you likely have information relevant to our investigation, and we request an interview with you to discuss your knowledge of certain events and activities following the November 2020 presidential election.” 

“We respect your privacy, and our questions will be limited to issues relating to January 6th, the activities that contributed to or influenced events on January 6th, and the transfer of power after the presidential election,” it further states.

The letter also notes that the committee requests “documents that are relevant to” their investigation, listing a slew of examples of “documents or communications” that would fulfill their request.

According to the letter, the January 6 committee asked Thomas for any “documents and communications referring or relating in any way to plans, efforts, or discussions regarding challenging, decertifying, overturning, contesting, or delaying the results or certification of the 2020 Presidential election” and “all documents and communications with Department of Justice officials or employees related in any way to the 2020 election.”

The letter points to the recent news regarding John Eastman, an attorney connected to former President Trump, and refers to “recently obtained additional information regarding” his activities. 

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Thomas and Eastman corresponded regarding the details of the 2020 election.

“We are specifically investigating the activities of President Trump, John Eastman, and others as they relate to the Constitution and certain other laws, including the Electoral Count Act, that set out the required process for the election and inauguration of the President,” the letter says. 

Eastman posted a Substack on Thursday dismissing the January 6 committee’s investigation into his communications with Thomas. He said he did not communicate with Thomas or her husband about “any matters pending or likely to come before the Court.” 

Thompson and Vice-Chair Liz Cheney signed the letter to Thomas. The committee suggested July 6, 7, or 8 as proposed dates for her appearance. It is not yet known when Thomas will appear before the committee.


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