President Trump on Arizona Audit: It’s “Horrendous” – This was Done By Senators Who Said “We’re Being Scammed” (VIDEO)

President Trump joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning to discuss his lawsuit against the far left tech giants and the Maricopa County audit in Arizona.
President Trump suggested that they will find something “horrendous” results in Arizona.

President Trump: “Arizona has been incredible. The state senators have taken it to heart. e won this election in a landslide. They’re doing an audit, a forensic audit like you haven’t seen really in this country. They’re going to be announcing the results. That’s done by them. That’s not done by me. Those are great patriots. They’re going to be announcing the results of that audit, Maria, I’m hearing over the next two or three weeks. And I would imagine it would be horrendous. But, we’ll see. Maybe it will be wonderful. We’re going to see, it’s a very big deal. This is being done by the senators of a state who looked and watched and said, ‘Wow, we’re being scammed!'”
President Trump then went on to say this about the Jan. 6 investigation: “This was a rigged election and the people aren’t standing for it… We had a corrupt election. We had a rigged election. We had a stolen election – and that’s why you had over a million people march in Washington.”

Via Sunday Morning Futures:


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