Please Help: J6er Isaac Thomas Needs Help Reuniting with His Beloved Dog Izzy After Biden Regime Left Him with Nothing

So many important things have been ripped away from J6ers as the government continues its cruel treatment of conservative political dissidents.

The Gateway Pundit has shared the heartbreaking story of what has been done to J6er Isaac Thomas.

Isaac was orphaned at the age of 6 and endured years of abuse and neglect as a child— trafficked through various placements while in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services. Thomas emancipated himself at 16 and got involved in political activism.

Isaac was inspired to speak out for other victims of the failed foster care system and went to the United States Capitol with thousands of other Americans to peacefully protest and make their muffled voices heard.

Isaac was only 18 years old when he attended the January 6 protests.

Please help reunite Isaac with his beloved dog Izzy.

In February, Isaac was released from the Washington Correctional Treatment following a ruling issued by US District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly to await trial.

Thomas has been incarcerated for seven months after he was detained in pretrial custody during a hearing last August when Judge Kotelly sided with prosecutors to revoke his bond.

After filing two motions, his new attorney, Steven Metcalf, presented new facts to the judge and dismantled the Justice Department’s bogus allegations leveled against Thomas in a series of comprehensive court filings and finally persuaded the judge to, at least temporarily, restore his freedom.

During his confinement, two generous J6ers took care of Isaac’s beloved dog Izzy.  Unfortunately, they were found guilty and will be sentenced in May.

Isaac has been separated across the country from Izzy and is now looking for help to raise the funds needed to bring her home to him.

Any pet lover knows how important they are to us.  They are family.  They are unconditional love.  They are a loving port in a storm when the world bears down on you.  They are healing, and they are a blessing.

During an absolutely brutal, emotional, and difficult time, having Izzy back by his side will provide much-needed love and companionship for Isaac.

Can you help reunite Isaac with Izzy?

Isaac shared the following with readers:

Hi, everyone; my name is Isaac Thomas. In January of 2023 I was charged for attending the January 6th protest. In August of 2023, my bond was revoked, forcing me to leave everything behind. I was released about a month ago with nothing pending trial, and I am starting fresh.

I’m making this fund because my puppy, Isabelle (Izzy) was sent to Texas during my time in the DC gulag and I need help funding the costs to get her brought home to me. I haven’t got to see her since I was locked up 8 months ago and would really like to get her home.

Please donate if you are able, thank you guys for supporting me and my family!

God bless all of you

Please help reunite Isaac with his beloved dog Izzy.


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