Organizer of January 6 Truth Rally Vows To Fight Back: ‘The Future of America Is At Stake’- RALLY TODAY

Americans must band together to stop political persecution now or, like the hundreds of Trump supporters sitting in DC jails 23 hours a day for protested the stolen election, will ultimately be incriminated for exercising the First Amendment rights, warns the organizer of the January 6 Truth rally.

After the FBI knocked on the door of her apartment to interrogate her about her involvement in the January 6 “siege,” Trump supporter Cara Castronuova drew a line in the sand and decided it was time to fight back.
She launched Citizens Against Political Persecution, an organization to advocate for those politically persecuted by the government and began hosting rallies to raise awareness about the so-called January 6 “siege.”
On Sunday, Castronuova is hosting Free Political Prisoners Now rally in New York City on Sunday to petition the federal government on behalf of the Jan 6 detainees currently held in solitary confinement in Washington DC.

“I started investigating to understand after the FBI came by my house. I was there on January 6. I was not in the Capitol building. If I was, I’m sure they would have arrested me because they have all the facial recognition technology they use. I was just there as a protester,” Castronuova told The Gateway Pundit. “To get a visit from the FBI when you’re a protester and a rally organizer, you start questioning everything.

“The first time they came, I was on a trip in Florida. My family member that I live with called me and told me, ‘The FBI is at the door. They had badges, looking for you.’ Of course, after that my whole trip went south. They said we’ll follow up with you when you get home. That was terrifying, I spent the whole week on the beach thinking ‘Oh my God.’ That week for me felt like a lifetime. I didn’t do anything wrong but who knows. They said they had gotten a tip about me. People are being encouraged to send them digital tips. One to homeland security and one to the FBI.”

Jan 6. protesters who are convicted on felony charges will no longer be able to own guns or, in some states, vote again.
As Democrats compare the events of the January 6 protests to the Civil War, Pearl Harbor and 9/11, prosecuting trespassers with felony charges, they will continue to use the protest as a precedent to achieve their political objectives, Castronuova argues.
“If I can, I am going to fight this. There are people in jail now, held in confinement that can’t. There are prisoners in there who weren’t even in the Capitol,” she said. “We have a guy who lost his job for the Long Island Railroad just because he took a picture of Jan 6. This is political persecution. People have been fired, been jailed. Ashli Babbitt is the ultimate political prisoner. Her mother and husband will be calling into the rally.”
Amid the left’s onslaught of lies and propaganda about January 6, those outraged by the criminalization and incarceration of American protesters cannot rely on Republican lawmakers or even conservative media outlets to tell the truth, Castronuavo lamented.
“People are still really sensitive around the subject as if it’s taboo. The news isn’t talking about it enough, politicians aren’t. The future of America is at stake right now and it seems like people don’t realize that,” she said. “Politicians I’ve approached about this tell me they are trying to get past January 6, they’re ‘past that.’ We are not past it. Republicans are completely in denial if they think Jan. 6 is put behind us and that they can just turn their back on it. In doing so, turn their back on citizens that it’s their job to protect. If your constituents’ constitutional rights are being flagrantly violated, that’s something you should be on top of, they weren’t and they’re not. They will speak for other things in other countries, but they’re not going to speak out for American citizens.
“The America First politicians slated to speak at the rally are running for office – they are braver when they are running for office; otherwise they wouldn’t be speaking against this unless they got the okay from their masters.
Americans have to join forces to destroy the fallacious narrative being pushed by all facets of society against the truth, Castonuova continued.
“We have to be so formidable the mainstream media has to cover it. Literally The Gateway Pundit and InfoWars the only media outlets covering the truth about January 6. It’s amazing to me — they are the only ones that tell the truth. The mainstream media lies and slanders people. There are very far and few in between who will actually put their name on something like this because they are just afraid they don’t want to be canceled or censored,” she said. “They are going to witch hunt with the Jan. 6 committee, exploit and politicize it.
“Political persecution is literally running rampant in New York right now over the vaccines. It’s like the new racism, and it’s completely acceptable and its completely encouraged. Now, the government is encouraging people to discriminate against each other for political viewpoints. The goal is to try to get them to see it. We need people who are so influenced— completely brainwashed –by the mainstream media, Hollywood corporations.  Our goal is to somehow touch their hearts.”
The rally to Free Political Prisoners Now will be held on Sunday in Foley Square in New York, NY from 1 to 3pm. 


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