“The Oligarchs [Are] Taking Control of Our Country.” – Rudy Giuliani on the Capitol ‘Frame Up’ Last Week and Big Tech Censorship

Rudy Giuliani released a video yesterday where he discussed the set up at the Capitol last week and Big Tech censorship which is occurring against Trump supporters in the US today.

President Trump Attorney and former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, released another ‘Common Sense’ video yesterday.  In the video the Mayor discussed last week’s events at the Capitol which ended up being nothing but a set up.
MUST SEE footage angle of the shooting of Ashli Babbitt. Items of interest as follows:
Around 8:20 minute marker – video of Antifa agent explaining what gear and how to dress for the event
Around 15 minute marker – Footage with clear commands being shouted on how to breach and scale the building wall
Around 24:40 minute marker – Footage inside the building including police directing them and commands continue to instruct on next moves
Around the 27:30 minute marker – new angle clearly showing the shooter’s gun not aiming at Antifa agents but waiting to ultimately shoot a Trump supporter who turned out to be Ashli Babbitt.
Then at the 34:30 minute marker Rudy shares:

Something very serious has gone wrong with us.  Much more serious than we realize.  The erosion of our rights.  The attack on our rights.  The oligarchs taking control of our country.  Is very, very dangerous.  And the way in which they change reality, turn it around completely.  Take a situation that was orchestrated by rioters and attribute it to decent people who have a difference of opinion to prevailing wisdom that must prevail otherwise your rights are taken away.  There’s a difference of opinion and a strong one.  The difference of opinion is supported by many facts, many details, videos, scientific analysis, 1,000 affidavits.  It’s not just a whim or a guess or a thought.  Much of it is provable fact.  If we can’t discuss that in this country.  If we can’t discuss that without people being threatened by jail, without people losing their jobs, without people losing their ability to go about their lives normally, then this country has changed in a way that we have got to change back to what it used to be.  A country in which we can freely express our opinions.”

The entire video is a MUST SEE but has commercials, thus the approximate starting points for the meat of the video is posted above.


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