No, Kevin McCarthy, Voters WON’T STAND for Weak Leadership — Americans Want and Deserve Real Answers to January 6 Investigation — HERE ARE A FEW QUESTIONS WE WANT ANSWERED…

Democrats are running a Communist takeover of every aspect of American life and Republicans in DC are TOO WEAK to confront them.

Trump supporters are jailed, harassed, targeted, blacklisted, censored, silenced, bankrupted, and abused by the Communist left AND the DC Republican elites.

And what is the GOP promising in 2023?


Kevin McCarthy and GOP House leadership are talking about holding their own Jan. 6 investigation when they take over Congress.

The GOP politicians will look at security lapses at the US Capitol on January 6.  Nothing else.

This cannot stand.  Conservative voters are tired of being ignored by their elected leaders.  The country is in its darkest hour and needs bold leadership!  If McCarthy cannot deliver then he MUST step out of the way.

Republican voters demand justice!  They’ve seen enough cowering by their elected representatives.

Here are a few items the Trump-voting base want investigated in a real Jan. 6 investigation:

** The murder of Ashli Babbitt by Lt. Mike Byrd
** Who opened the magnetic doors from the inside of the US Capitol and allowed protesters inside?
** Why is Ray Epps not arrested?
** Why is Ginger Gun not arrested?
** Officer Lila Morris who beat Roseanne Boyland repeatedly with a stick as she lay dying on the ground
** Psychotic Police Captain Jason Bagshaw — a monster who beat the living hell out of a frightened woman.
** Why were armed Antifa members allowed to leave town after their arrest?
** Why were police waving protesters inside the building?
** How many homes across the country were raided by the Stasi-FBI?
** Why is Jeremy Brown sitting in prison after a year?
** Why are ANY Trump supporters being held in jail for misdemeanor crimes and bogus felony charges?
** Who is the DOJ demon behind the “insurrection” lie?
** Why are DOZENS of American political prisoners rotting in prison without trial?
** Explain the ballot spikes in numerous states in the middle of the night on Nov. 4?
** Why did FBI-DOJ allow GOP observers to be tossed from election counting rooms? Is this the accepted practice moving forward?
** 500 other questions on the stolen election
** What was Pelosi’s role in January 6
** When will Nancy Pelosi be called in to testify?
** Will Pelosi’s home be raided?
** Can Liz Cheney be charged for her repeated lies and baseless accusations?
** What about the Pelosi Crime Family’s stock maneuvers?
** Who planted the bombs?
** Why is serial liar and leaker Adan Schiff allowed on any committee?
** Where was Kamala on January 6?
** How did the other two Trump supporters die that day?
** How many police officers died that day? (hint: ZERO)
** Why was the Capitol police officer who pushed Trump supporter Derrick Vargo from 3 story ledge not charged with attempted murder?

Those are A FEW of the questions Americans deserve to have answered.

If Kevin McCarthy and Republicans are not even willing to ask the questions, what good are they?

Author, filmmaker, and thinker Mike Cernovich joined The War Room in April to break down the current political climate in the country outside of Washington DC.

Cernovich argued Republicans need to give voters some reason to come out and support them in the fall. The usual BS on tax cuts and cutting a few million from the $4 trillion budget is not going to do it.  Conservatives are sick of weak leadership like Kevin McCarthy and want real representation.

Democrats send killers to DC to destroy the country and jail and destroy the opposition.  Republicans think the answer is a weak surrender monkey.

Cernovich says Republican lawmakers need to run on the promise of “human rights tribunals” if they win based on all of the facts collected on government corruption, torture and lies. Don’t call them hearings – Call them tribunals.

Mike Cernovich:  You can beat the wrap but you can’t beat the ride.  There’s a lot of stress.  There’s a lot of destruction of family relationships.  A lot of lost finances.  It essentially upends your life forever.  And that’s again what the Department of Justice is doing to people.  So I would really like to hear Kevin McCarthy explain why there’s not going to be human rights tribunals.  I would like for somebody to ask him.  What do you mean you don’t want to impeach Biden for “political reasons.”  What are you talking about?  Who are you?  What world do you live in?  You and Frank Luntz, is that some kind of poll you and Frank Luntz commissioned on 14th Street in DC that Shelly’s Cigar Lounge told you?  That lobbyists told you?  I just wonder where people come up with this kind of stuff that you’re not going to have a human rights tribunal?  Are you kidding me?  Who are you?

The left is destroying our country. The weakened opposition party needs some leaders with guts. The American people need a return of law and order. Human rights tribunals would be a good start. The genocide victims deserve justice.


Watch this entire segment, Mike Cernovich is always interesting.


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