New York Times Uses Prominent Lincoln Project Stooge Charlie Sykes to Smear Sen. Ron Johnson and The Gateway Pundit

Trip Gabriel and Reid J. Epstein published a hateful and dishonest hit piece against Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) in the pages of the Old Grey Lady earlier this week.
The flame-throwing by the Democrat Party mouthpiece at Senator Johnson was purposeful and timely. The NY Times knows Johnson is up for reelection next year and they (Democrats) need to take the Senate seat (or steal it) in order to build on their Democrat majority in the US Senate.
It’s all about power.
It’s always about power.

The hit piece titled, “Assaulting the Truth, Ron Johnson Helps Erode Confidence in Government”, is littered with lies and half-truths about Ron Johnson and his positions.

The New York Times is outraged that Senator Johnson would suggest he was more afraid of the violent and deadly Black Lives Matter-Antifa mob than he is of Trump supporters.
How is that even a controversy? There have been dozens of murders at Black Lives Matter events over the years. Five police Officers were gunned down at just one protest in Dallas. Anyone in their right mind would be more afraid at a BLM riot.

Senator Johnson broke the liberal narrative with a truth bomb when he got the FBI during a hearing to admit the “rioters” at the US Capitol on Jan. 6 were unarmed.
** The New York Times says Johnson’s claims that “Biden had tried to pressure Ukrainian officials to aid his son Hunter Biden” was debunked by an “intelligence report” when there is actual video of Joe Biden bragging about getting the prosecutor fired who was investigating his criminal-crack addicted son.
Did The New York Times cover this?
** The New York Times goes on and actually promoted the idea that, “His continuing assault on the truth, often under the guise of simply “asking questions” about established facts, is helping to diminish confidence in U.S. institutions at a perilous moment…”
So asking questions is not allowed?

On March 12 Senator Johnson then sent the left into convulsions when he made this honest statement,

“Johnson’s most recent provocation came March 12, when he contrasted Black Lives Matter protesters to the Trump supporters “who love this country” and stormed the Capitol, the carnage resulting in 140 injured police officers and more than 300 arrests by federal authorities. During an interview with a right-wing radio host, Joe Pagliarulo, Johnson said, “Joe, this will get me in trouble. Had the tables been turned and President Trump won the election and those were tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter and antifa protesters, I might have been a little concerned.”

Again, does The New York Times really believe Black Lives Matter and Antifa love their country? Have they covered any of the riots? Do they listen to any of the words coming out of the America-hating left these days?  Or is everything a white-wash?
** The New York Times then dropped this doozy: “Research on the protests against racial injustice over the summer showed that they were largely nonviolent.”
Since when do “nonviolent” protesters cause $2 billion in property damages?

** Then later in their screed The New York Times uses Never-Trumper and prominent member of the disgraced Lincoln Project, Charlie Sykes, to hit Senator Johnson AND The Gateway Pundit.

“Sykes, who since 2016 has been a harsh critic of Trump-era Republicans, said last week of Johnson, “I don’t know how he went from being a chamber of commerce guy to somebody who sounds like he reads the Gateway Pundit every day. He’s turned into Joe McCarthy.”

Charlie Sykes is a proud member of the Trump-haters who hid and ignored their leader’s grooming of young boys and men. Sykes is a former radio host who made a living for four years trashing President Trump on MSNBC while lying about his conservative beliefs. This was while his Lincoln Project was out campaigning against conservative candidates in the 2020 election.
Maybe Charlie should sit this one out.
You can bet the “fact-checkers” who pummel conservative pages will give this dishonest hit piece a complete pass.
But we won’t.
It really is shocking to think that people read the garbage in the New York Times and actually believe it!


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