Must Watch: Tucker Carlson Raises Questions About Jan 6th Security Footage Showing Black-Clad Operatives Leading the Charge into The Capitol Building; “How Many Federal Agents Were Involved?” – (Video)

Recently released security camera footage from the US Capitol captures the moment that the crowd first broke into the building on January 6th.

Instead of showing a raucous gang of violent, MAGA-clad white supremacists busting through the doors and windows, like the media claims, the ones leading the charge didn’t look anything like Trump supporters.

In the video, a group of Black-clad operatives can be seen breaking into the building, only to disappear seconds later as the crowd rushes in behind them.

Tucker Carlson — one of the only establishment media figures willing to go against the approved narrative about Jan 6th — showed the video and raised a couple of pressing questions for the public on a recent episode of his nightly show, Tucker Carlson Tonight.

He exposed the damning security footage to his 3-plus million nightly viewers with the caption “we finally know what happened on Jan 6.”

After pointing out that power-crazed US intelligence agencies have done this sort of thing beforemultiple times, including very recently to conservatives — he had just one question for the people tuning in: “How many Federal Agents were there on January 6th?”

Take a look:

The clip that Carlson played is just a small part of the footage that was released.

In a video from a short time later in the same area, Trump supporters can be seen peacefully walking around and enjoying themselves as if it was a busy day at the mall. OH THE HORROR.

So much for the day that was worse than 9/11.

The leftist insurrection narrative, and Pelosi’s partisan witch-hunt, are a complete joke.

Worst Attack Since Civil War?… Newly Released US Capitol Surveillance Video Shows Jan. 6 Protest Inside Capitol Was More of an Open House than Insurrection


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