Must See: Tucker Carlson Covers DOJ Approval of Ashli Babbit’s Murder without Warning and Infowars Reporter Sam Montoya’s Arrest (VIDEO)

As reported earlier — The Biden Justice Department announced Wednesday it has closed the investigation into the homicide death of Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt that took place inside the Capitol during the January 6 riot. This was while Congress was meeting in joint session to certify the November presidential election in favor of Joe Biden.
Babbitt, who was unarmed, was shot and killed without apparent warning by a plainclothes Capitol Police officer as she climbed through a broken window in a door at the Speaker’s Lobby. The name of the officer was not released.
The DOJ stated that shooting her dead without warning was appropriate.  Evidently, this is the new standard for murder in our country – you don’t have to warn the unarmed person you are going to kill if you don’t want to.
Also yesterday the FBI arrested Infowars reporter Samuel Montoya.

DSchlopes wrote:
Sam Montoya – Entered the US Capitol on Jan 6th and video recorded the death of Ashli Babbitt. He is currently being held in jail.
John Sullivan– an Antifa organizer – Entered the Capitol while posing as a Trump supporter on Jan 6th and video recorded the death of Ashli Babbitt. He is not in jail.
in fact, Sullivan was paid $70,000 for his footage by the mainstream media and has a book contract following his activities on January 6th that included organizing an Antifa-BLM event, storming the US Capitol, beating out windows and participating in the riot.

THIS RAISES SERIOUS RED FLAGS: CNN and NBC Each Paid Black Lives Matter Leader John Sullivan $35,000 for His US Capitol Riot Footage

Yesterday Sam Montoya was arrested by the FBI who raided his home.
On Wednesday night Tucker Carlson covered the DOJ’s announcement on Ashli Babbit and the arrest of Infowars reporter Sam Montoya.


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