MUST READ: J6 Prisoner and DC Jail Abuse Witness Is Kept in Solitary 6 Days a Week – Shipped Off and Coerced into Plea – He Needs Our Help!

Guest Post by Olivia Wolfe 

Ronnie Sandlin

Shortly after witnessing a brutal attack on a fellow inmate, 35-year-old Ronnie Sandlin was shipped out of the DC jail so that administrators could avoid any investigation into wrongdoing by a well-known abuser. (Read: BULLY GUARD AT DC GITMO ASSAULTS JANUARY 6th PRISONER! Maced in the Face for Not Wearing Mask! LEFT IN CELL FOR OVER 8 HOURS WITHOUT CARE!)

This is only the latest example of the corrupt cover-up culture of the DC jail that protects violent and criminal correctional officers at the expense of the safety and even survival of the inmates there.

Sandlin, who has been incarcerated for 21 months for his involvement on Jan 6, was moved shortly after calling into the nightly vigil hosted by Ashli Babbitt’s mother outside the DC jail, where he described the nightmare of sitting in solitary confinement, being let out of his cell for only 30 minutes per week, and his own liberal DC attorney’s admission that a fair trial is impossible here.

***Ronnie needs our help! Please support his family and ongoing expenses by donating HERE!  

“I have no trial date set… If I decide to take this to trial, I will be incarcerated for two and a half years before I get my day in court,” he told the public.

Of course, prosecutors would prefer a guilty plea made under duress to the administration of justice, and after a year and a half of hellacious abuse, malnutrition and inhumane treatment, Sandlin is finally succumbing to the will of this despotic and completely un-American regime. (For more, read: 34 US Political Prisoners in DC Gulag Demand Transfer to Guantanamo Bay to Escape Intolerable Conditions in Heartbreaking Letter)

Ronnie wrote the following letter to the Gateway Pundit in an emotionally raw and heartfelt cry for help. Please share his story.


First and foremost I want to thank everyone at the Gateway Pundit and their readers for all of their support to myself and fellow Jan 6ers. My time incarcerated for my participation on Jan 6 has profoundly affected me and will require me to process my experience and rely on God to heal my wounds. I’ve been subjected to inhumane solitary confinement conditions, I’ve had my life threatened by correction officers who have severely beaten two fellow Jan 6ers nearly to death. I’ve lost over 50 pounds because of the inadequate food I’m fed. My mental, emotional, and spiritual health are at peril and I pray everyday to the Lord that if it’s in his divine will I make it out of this nightmare alive. I speak with no hyperbole, but with sincere anxiety and fear for the perilous situation myself and other Jan 6ers face. What makes our situation even more concerning is this is happening just a few miles from the White House.

Although I’ve been incarcerated for over a year and a half I have no trial date anytime in the near future. My lawyer says I likely won’t see trial for another year which means I will spend 2.5 years waiting for trial for a charge my lawyer tells me I would receive probation for if our prosecution wasn’t politically motivated. Make no mistake our vindictive and selective prosecution is on purpose to intimidate any perceived political threat to the Biden regime.

I feel like we’ve been disappeared from the world and sent to a black site for perceived political dissidents. If we were BLM or Antifa protestors there would be national outrage for our treatment, but we are not afforded the same support from the media, lawmakers, or from the public.

It’s taken me a long time to write this letter because of how painful it is for me to talk about what I’ve been enduring. I’m facing almost a decade in prison for what several lawyers have told me is usually a probation charge. The prosecutors and the DOJ are unethically and unconstitutionally lengthening our sentences by manipulating the law. My lawyer told me he’s never seen anything so egregious and distasteful in his 20 years of practicing law. The thought of doing nearly a decade in prison breaks my heart and I’ve slipped into a deep, dark depression. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve contemplated suicide several times. Only through the grace of our Lord and I making it through this.

I keep imagining myself a free man again unfortunately that dream seeks so distant like a will o-wisp floating in the air. I’ve lost everything because of my incarceration. I fear I will be homeless when I get out. To be frank the only money I have to rebuild my life when I’m out will be through this letter, and thanks to the generosity of the Gateway Pundit readers. I’m hoping to use this money to purchase a used 5th wheel trailer in livable condition. Although living in a travel trailer isn’t ideal, nothing is above me and it’s more than I deserve. If anyone reading this has a livable 5th wheel trailer 2010 or newer they’re willing to donate it would help me out a lot and give me the opportunity to have a fresh start on life. Otherwise any and all donations will be greatly appreciated. Every dollar means a lot to me.

If you would like to reach out to me my email is [email protected] (yes this is my real email), you can message me through an app called Getting Out. My Jail ID is #52029. You can also send me letters and books to:


Ronald Sandlin #52029
Northern Neck Regional Jail
PO Box 1060
Warsaw VA 22572

I enjoy books on faith and the word of God. Thank you for reading my letter. It’s difficult to ask for help but I have to put my pride aside and trust in God. God bless you and God bless America.

Ronnie Sandlin 


Ronnie is charged with assault of an officer for pushing him and trying to remove his helmet. Any reasonable citizen would agree that 20 months of pre-trial detention is enough time served. It’s time to cut the insanity and call attention to the lawlessness that Congress has been able to get away with.

Ronnie is a Memphis, Tennessee resident and has two loving dogs—Gucci the Poochie and Dolly Parton—who are anxiously waiting for him to come home. He was born in Tampico, Mexico and was adopted by a loving Christian family when he was 4 years old.

“I understand how fortunate I am to be a citizen of the greatest country in the world,” Ronnie told us. Ronnie is struggling emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and financially because of his 20 month incarceration in the D.C. jail.

***Please support Ronnie, HE NEEDS US!

Here is a copy of Ronnie’s letter

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4


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