Michigan Family Needs Your Help in this Developing Case- Make Sure This J6er Stays Strong and Healthy

Before his preliminary hearing Thursday, Jan. 6 defendant Matthew Krol was shuffled from a federal transfer center in Oklahoma to Northern Neck Jail in Warsaw, VA, to Central VA Regional Facility in Orange, VA. His family is deeply concerned for his health and safety.

Here is a letter from his wife, Lisa:

On February 22, 2022 my husband was arrested by the FBI for allegations stemming from the January 6th Capitol protest.  My husband’s bond was denied.  He is currently in route to Washington DC to await his trial.

My husband and I both feel the urgency to have a strong legal defense, therefore, this GiveSendGo account was created for his legal fees.  The urgency we have for this strong legal defense is simply my husband’s health.  Six months ago, he was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition and wears a Life Vest 24/7 to monitor his heart function.  He had been hospitalized recently from it and is currently on numerous medications. He is scheduled to undergo a life-saving Pacemaker/defibrillator surgery this coming April. While incarcerated, the undue stress on his heart and his daily medical needs being neglected is of utmost concern to our family and ultimately his much-needed heart surgery could be delayed.

Despite the allegations, first and foremost my husband is a man of great faith and still in the midst of this horrible situation is trusting God.  He is a loving husband of 38 years, father of three and grandfather of two. He is a steadfast patriot, loves his country and the principles it was founded on. 

Throughout his life, my husband has given of his time and money to support those in need- going on various missionary relief trips, assisting wherever needed in many third-world countries and across the United States. He has rallied for Constitution rights, protecting our freedoms. He is someone you can always call on and he will be there to help in any way he can.

Our prayer is for my husband to return home to his family, to be able to regain his health through his life-saving surgery, for his name and reputation to be restored and truth to prevail.  

Our family is so thankful for your generous donations, no matter what the size, and covet your prayers!

Much appreciation,

Lisa Krol

American Gulag has received reports of scurvy and hunger amongst pre-trail prisoners in Northern Neck Jail.  In addition, DC District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly has monitored unsanitary conditions and lack of access to medical care at DC Correctional Treatment Facility-CTF, where Matthew may soon be placed. Below is a full report of what court-appointed investigators found at CTF. This led the judge to implement a temporary restraining order.

Here is the full, official report of violations at the DC-CTF

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of prisoners like Matthew receiving adequate, timely medical attention. Estele v. Gamble established “deliberate indifference” to prisoners’ “serious medical needs” violates the Eighth Amendment.

Attorney Craig Conway of University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston notes how thirty years after this case, additional rights have emerged. Prisoners have “the right to access health care, the right to care that is ordered, and the right to professional medical judgment.”

Despite this ruling, the Krol family is still concerned. You can help make sure Matthew receives adequate legal support by contributing to his GiveSendGo: https://givesendgo.com/G2XCS


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