“A Love Story The Biden Regime Will Not Destroy!” Politically Persecuted January 6th Couple Fights Back!! — Please Help Them Here…

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This story is more than a legal story about the January 6th politically persecuted. It is a beautiful love story of a couple who sticks together in the midst of adversity. They have their faith that compels them to decide every aspect of their lives. They consider their vow and obeying God more important than man, following in the footsteps of the great apostle Peter.

But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.” — Acts 5:29

“Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.” — Mark 10:9

Cynthia and Chris Price at their wedding ceremony.

** Please help the Prices afford proper legal counsel and send them prayers here.

On January 6, 2021, Chris and Cynthia Price drove to the Capitol in D.C. to support Donald Trump along with hundreds of thousands of other Americans. The allegations against them are no more than they peacefully entered the Capitol and within 3 minutes, began to return to where they entered. There is no allegation that they ever disobeyed an instruction from the many police officers that are pictured directly at the entrance in the criminal complaint. Chris and Cynthia are fully respectful of police officers.

For this alleged “criminal offense” this Patriot couple was aggressively pursued, their phone records and social media accounts were taken or disturbed. They were rounded up, handcuffed and shackled, and hauled away. While not in jail, they comply with rules that limit their travel while awaiting a trial. Their photos have been plastered across the internet, their good names smeared by local media, and their reputations left in tatters.

The Prices at a Rally.

Chris and Cynthia Price are the devoted parents of three sons. Their eldest serves in the military, and his brothers are still in school. They are a humble, quietly patriotic family with strong Christian values, who celebrate the fact that America was founded on the strength of the Judeo-Christian beliefs of our Founding Fathers. They believe in the sanctity of the Constitution of the United States of America. Chris and Cynthia continue to hold to their faith that God is in control, and that America will be restored to the Land of the Free.

In response to a question by their criminal court judge regarding the possible need for separate counsel, Chris talked about their marriage.

“Cynthia and I have been together 13 years married for 3 right here at St. Joseph Catholic Church. We believe in the sanctimony of marriage, where two become one. We have decided to move forward with this together as a married couple. We love each other very much, and there is no need for separate counsel. Thank you, your Honor.”

The persecuted couple before January 6th on a hike.

Legal fees have been a burden and will accumulate through a trial, making it difficult for this family to make ends meet.

“The legal costs for defending ourselves are straining our limited finances,” said Cynthia Price on her GiveSendGo page. “I’ve started this page to raise money to help with legal costs and making ends meet. Please consider helping our family I have never done anything like this before but feel the Holy Spirit is urging me to reach out for help. We are placing everything in God’s hands and believe He will cause everything to work together for good. Please keep us in your prayers. We are praying for everyone else who is going through this and for the protection of our country. We are incredibly grateful for your help and your continued prayers! Thanks so much, and God bless you.”

Please read Cynthia’s statement/account on her GiveSendGo page. You can help the Prices afford proper legal counsel and send them prayers here.

And please pray for Chris and Cynthia and all of those Americans persecuted by their government today.


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