Liberal Reporter On MSNBC Claims There Was No Violence In Left Wing Riots Last Year (VIDEO)

It’s amazing how easily some people in media can look straight into a camera and lie to the faces of the American people.
Jonathan Lemire of the Associated Press recently appeared on MSNBC and laughably claimed that there was no violence in the BLM and Antifa riots that followed the death of George Floyd.
Anyone who has paid attention or even glanced at the video footage knows this is simply not true.
FOX News has details:

Liberal MSNBC host offers no pushback as AP reporter claims George Floyd protests were nonviolent
Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire rejected the idea that there was any violence after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody last year while being quick to condemn the Capitol Hill violence that took place Jan. 6.
On Wednesday, with congressional hearings underway to examine the events that took place before and after the pro-Trump mob disrupted the certification of President Biden’s election victory, Lemire appeared on MSNBC and attempted to contrast the political violence in Washington D.C. with what took place across the country last summer.
“Let’s be clear, to the different makeup of these protesters, of the people that we saw in June versus the people that we saw in January,” Lemire began. “In June, these were non-violent protesters, racially mixed, a lot of young people fueled by the Black Lives Matter movement. There was outrage by the death of George Floyd, a Black man killed under the knee of a White police officer in Minnesota. There was no violence there.”
Lemire, an MSNBC analyst, continued, “And then, of course, let us remember who was there in January. These were Trump supporters. They were White. They were people who, as it’s been well documented, if the racial makeup of that group had been different, the response at the Capitol likely would have been different as well.”

See the video below:

Just amazing. They really think people are this stupid.
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