Julie Kelly: Investigate the Four Celebrity J6 Cops – Haul Them in to Testify and Force Them Under Oath to Explain Their Lies! (VIDEO)

January 6 police officer Aquilino Gonell,, Michael Fanone, Dan Hodges, and Harry Dunn testifying before Nancy Pelosi’s sham Jan 6 Committee. Republicans want these four officers to come back in and testify after video discredits their previous testimony. (YouTube screengrab)

On Friday Night Speaker Mike Johnson fulfilled his commitment to release the security camera footage from the January 6, 2021 protests at the US Capitol.

The first batch of video was released Friday afternoon.

Of course, Democrats and Liz Cheney lost their minds! They know they are about to be exposed.

On Saturday morning, Steve Bannon invited investigative journalist Julie Kelly on to The War Room to discuss this development.

During their discussion, Julie Kelly called for a new Congressional investigation into the events on January 6.

Steve Bannon agreed and called for an investigation of Pelosi’s January 6 Committee. Bannon insists investigators will find “brazen criminality” committed by the committee members in their sham investigation and fraudulent report.

Julie Kelly then called on Republicans to call in the the January 6 “hero” cops to come in and testify and explain all of their lies!

Via Midnight Rider.

Julie Kelly: I want all of those four celebrity January 6 cops, Mike Fanone, Dan Hodges, Aquilino Ganell, and Harry Dunn. They not only lied under oath to Congress in that hearing, they have lied under oath in court testimony and victim impact statements that have prompted longer prison sentences because they’ve all lied about what they endured on January 6, what they saw, allegations of racism. Michael Fanone was almost killed. We also have footage that totally contradicts that. Those four need to be put back on the stand under oath and explain their lies.


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