Julie Kelly: FBI Is Refusing to Release Hundreds of Thousands of Pages Related to Jan.6 — Hidden from Jan. 6 Defendants (VIDEO)

Julie Kelly from American Greatness went on The War Room and dropped several bombs on the FBI and Deep State’s actions before, during and after the January 6 protests.

The FBI under Chris Wray is still hiding hundreds of thousands of requested documents related to January 6 and uploaded them to a sharable platform so defense attorneys can have access to the documents. Meanwhile, the trials of the hundreds of men and women who attended the January 6, 2021 protests are ongoing.

Julie Kelly: (FBI) agents were deployed to Capitol grounds EARLY on January 6th. Well, what were they doing Steve? I’ve seen all sorts of videos and photographs from January 6th. I don’t see people walking around in big FBI jackets! I don’t see any FBI agents trying to stop the crowd. We still can’t get Jill Sanborn, the head of Counter-Terror at the FBI who was asked under oath if FBI agents or informants incited or were involved in any violence on January 6. She couldn’t answer the question. And we still have no clarification four months later after her testimony. And furthermore, Steve, I’ll say this in conclusion, the FBI still has not uploaded hundreds of thousands of pages of FBI records related to January 6th. Still have not uploaded it to a sharable platform so defense attorneys who are defending January 6 platforms can have access to these records.

That is a huge injustice by our Justice Department. The Founders are rolling in their graves watching the absolute lawlessness of the leftists and bureaucrats and their shameless attacks on ordinary patriotic Americans!

What an amazing interview!


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