Judges Investigate ‘Dreadful’ MDC Brooklyn Prison Abuse Where Inmates Die Begging For Help As J6 Political Hostage Pleads For Emergency Surgery: ‘They Sent Me To Here to Set Me Up’

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J6 political prisoner Ryan Samsel is pleading for assistance from prison guards, his attorney, and the American public to get to an emergency room immediately after strange lumps surfaced on the back of his neck while the blood clots in his leg and foot that he developed months ago remain dangerously untreated.

The new lumps may be malignant tumors or blood clots, but getting to a doctor or the life-saving surgery he was prescribed over three years ago, before his arrest for protesting at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, is an ongoing and uphill battle.

If Samsel suffers a medical emergency, it could take hours or days before anyone even notices while detained in perpetual lockdown in MDC Brooklyn, the jail system where Jeffrey Epstein allegedly killed himself, and inmates are known to die while begging for help from lazy, abusive prison staff.

And he suspects the notorious medical negligence within the understaffed correctional facility is exactly why the prosecutors and US District Judge Jia Cobb transferred him to the dangerous prison, “to set him up” to die or endure assaults while living on blood thinners.

“I’m on the eighth floor in a high-rise building in the back corner cell and literally in a corner and there is no call button. If I get sick, I might not see a CO for a full day. It’s dangerous here. It’s literally dangerous,” Samsel told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview Wednesday.“ This place is as harsh as where Jeffrey Epstein died.

“They should not put this many inmates in the prison because they are understaffed, and we are constantly locked down. Judge Cobb knew how bad the conditions were in this jail a year and a half ago when she first sent me here.”

Mysterious lump on J6 political hostage Ryan Samsel’s leg.

The 40-year-old former MMA fighter has a history of bilateral thoracic outlet syndrome, a condition that causes him to develop blood clots. Over time if not treated, the clots become muscular tumors or fibroids. Samsel now lives with golf-ball-sized lumps on his body as he continues to develop more mysterious tumors.

A glandsectomy, a simple vascular procedure, would prevent his blood from clotting and save his life. But Judge Cobb refuses to grant him the surgery and his attorney Stanley Woodward refuses to fight for his medical rights.

“The plastic surgeon said, ‘You need a glandsectomy and we need a biopsy,’ before you start to get more lumps. Today, I have four more lumps, like he said I would. Judge Cobb and the prosecutor are the ones who recommended that I come to MDC Brooklyn, that ‘The medical here is good.’

“The prosecutors and the judge sent me to New York to set me up.”

“No human being should have to go through this. Where is Jim Jordan? How can Jim Jordan sit there and totally ignore what is happening to me? MTG promised she was going to do something. What is she doing? I need help! I got new lumps in my neck.”

Samsel called attention to the ongoing dispute between federal judges and the Department of Justice and Bureau of Prisons over the abuse of inmates detained in the dilapidated Brooklyn prison.

“The medical staff here have lied to the judges,” he explained. “The judges here in New York, because the conditions are so horrible, the inmates here are [serving] three days for every one day spent in jail. And they really are violent offenders, some of them. If that’s the case, we all should go home.”

The main entrance of the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.


New York judges are indeed cutting down the sentences of inmates detained in MDC Brooklyn for being served maggot-infested meals amid illegal perpetual lockdowns, lack of proper medical treatment by cruel correction officers, short-staffing and a host of other miserable conditions that have gone unchecked for decades.

The corruption in MDC Brooklyn most recently boiled over in January when Manhattan Federal Court Judge Jesse Furman issued a blistering 19-page ruling laying out why the Brooklyn prison, which handles pre-trial detention for the Manhattan and Brooklyn federal courts, should shut down, particularly after the jail lost power for eight days in 2019 during a polar vortex.

“It has gotten to the point that it is routine for judges in both this District and the Eastern District [Brooklyn] to give reduced sentences to defendants based on the conditions of confinement in the MDC,” Furman wrote. “Prosecutors no longer even put up a fight, let alone dispute that the state of affairs is unacceptable.”

“When I ask my lawyers, what about me, they say, ‘Judge Cobb is not going to do that. She disagrees with these judges,’” Samsel continued. “How is that not selective prosecution? How come these guys get the medical? How come one guy got $120,000 for his stitches being left in too long? I don’t know what to do. Judge Cobb, I wrote her. I’ve sent her everything and she does nothing.”

Samsel said he spoke with Furman last week as the federal judge inspected the prison. Furman reportedly notified Judge Cobb about the detriments of the deplorable conditions of the jail.  Evidently, Cobb couldn’t care less.

“Judge Cobb told him to stop reaching out to other judges,” Samsel said. “Now, I haven’t gotten any medical. They just gave me Statin, for blood vessels. It took them 3 years to do that. I want a status hearing and I want that status hearing to be public. We are tired of being treated like this. This is not fair.”

Throughout 40 months of incarceration in pretrial detention, Samsel has been transferred to 19 different correctional facilities 26 times. When he finally gets to a doctor in jail, they prescribe him surgery. Then he is transferred to another jail and never sees his way to the operating table.

In April, hours after TGP published Ray Epps’ interviews with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in which the suspected government plant is repeatedly heard lying to authorities in violation of federal law, prison guards dragged J6 political hostage Ryan Samsel’ to solitary confinement.

Samsel was detained in the hole, a small cage on the rooftop of the dilapidated MDC Brooklyn prison, for weeks. Prison guards finally released Samsel back to the general population of the prison on May 18. This time, they housed him in a unit with convicted child sex offenders and trannies.

“I don’t care. If I have to lay my life down for people to know the truth, then I will,” Samsel said. “No human being — you’re never going to change the crime rate on the outside if you treat people like this. There is no reform. It’s sad. You have to reform people physically, mentally, and spiritually. You can’t bring people in here and break them.”

The J6 political prisoner is now barred from visitation for a year and prohibited from purchasing a commissary.

And he might as well starve than eat the rotten food that is regularly served in the New York prison. The general population of the federal prison is almost as bad as the hole. Inmates are perpetually locked in their cells for days and even weeks at a time, where dirty water from the toilets above leaks from the ceilings.

Defense lawyers have confirmed MDC Brooklyn is serving maggot-infested food to inmates.

“We actually get maggots here. There are maggots in our food,” Samsel said. That dust that you see on the air vent — there was a tuberculosis outbreak and they never cleaned the air vents. There are people that die here, constantly, I swear to God. There is no emergency call button. You are literally locked in a cell here, with thousands of people, and left in a room.”

“I’m not allowed to get visits for a whole year. I’m not allowed commissary. And they still haven’t given me medical. I wish that people would come here and help stand up for me.”



Last week, Samsel sent TGP photographs an investigator obtained from inside MDC Brooklyn, showcasing the unsanitary conditions of the correctional facility and the barf-inducing, rotten trays of food inmates are regularly served.

image image

TGP has tried reaching Woodward numerous times about the status of Samsel’s health. Woodward has yet to respond.

Samsel warns prison guards have been canceling his legal calls, but Woodward and mitigation expert Sam Mangel, whom Samsel just invested $45,000 to retain, contend to Samsel’s family they have been repeatedly told by the prison that Samsel has canceled the calls.

Samsel was scheduled to be sentenced on June 13, but Judge Cobb postponed his sentencing to Sept. 3, on Samsel’s birthday.

Judge Cobb “is such a nasty person to me, she purposely set my sentencing to my birthday,” he noted.

Last year, when Samsel was detained in a Philadelphia jail, a doctor issued are report to the government outlining Samsel’s immediate need for surgery. The jail staff locked then him in the broom closet, which they substituted for a “hard cell,” for over five months with the light on. Correctional officers also forced him to use a bucket for a toilet to prevent him from communicating and “fishing” through the toilet for food.


“Instead of giving me physical rehab, I sat in a broom closet.  Congress has yet to do anything about it. I don’t know why they are not investigating my assaults,” he said.


Samsel rendered aid to Josh Black, another demonstrator who was shot in the face by cops at the J6 Save America rally.


Police attempted to arrest Black as Samsel attempted to provide him aid, but Samsel fended the cops away.


The cops then fired another munition that ignited inches away from Samsel’s face.


For shielding Black from the cops, federal district Judge Jia Cobb convicted Samsel of felony assault.

Judges are treating hardened criminals more humanely than J6 protesters.

On May 22, Brooklyn Federal Court Judge LaShann DeArcy Hall scolded a Bureau of Prison attorney who “lied” about whether MDC inmate Jonathan Goulbourne received his antibiotic regimen. Goulbourne’s appendix burst on April 14, and jail staff ignored him for more than several hours before sending him to the hospital. Hall is demanding the MDC staffers get private defense attorneys to replace their DOJ lawyers who shield them from criminal exposure.

Goulbourne, who is charged with causing death through the use of firearms in connection with a murder, “returned to the hospital with prescriptions for painkillers and antibiotics, but a weekend lockdown and a problem with a missing ID cut him off from his painkillers,” New York Daily News reports. “After the lockdown ended, Goulbourne was thrown into the jail’s segregated housing unit after an encounter with a nurse and lost access to the last few doses of his antibiotic regimen.”

In December, Brooklyn Federal Court Judge Dora Irizarry threatened to hold an assistant US attorney in contempt for ignoring her order to send MDC Brooklyn detainee James Young to a medical facility. Instead, they housed Young, accused in a string of gunpoint store robberies, among the general population despite open wounds and a highly contagious MRSA infection and forced by prison staff to wear a yellow jumpsuit to signify infection.

Samsel has been repeatedly assaulted for refusing to cooperate with the government in a plea deal that entailed lying about Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs having a gun at the Capitol riot and testifying against former President Donald Trump. The assaults have left him with lifelong injuries including a broken jaw and brain damage that has resulted in the loss of vision in his right eye.


“I refused to turn on the Proud Boys. I refused to turn on Donald Trump. I stood my ground. I went to trial. I didn’t take a plea deal. I ask the public to stand for me, when I need you,” he said. “I need help. If there is an organization at this point that can help me, please help.”

This reporter is assisting Samsel with retaining an attorney who will fight for his medical rights so that he may finally undergo surgery that may save his life.




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