January 6th Prisoner Held in “Cage Like a Dog” in Penitentiary Yard by the Biden Regime – Desperately Needs Help! EXCLUSIVE AUDIO INTERVIEW!!!

Andrew Taake

From his tiny cell, 33 year old Andrew Taake of Houston, Texas described to us what pre-trial detention is like for a non-convicted Trump Supporter and prisoner of the Biden Regime at United States Penitentiary, Lewisburg. Meanwhile, actual convicted murderers and rapists in the prison are treated better with access to amenities that J6’ers are prohibited from using.

J6’ers are apparently deemed too dangerous to mingle with the actual murderers and gangsters at the penitentiary and are instead forced into a secluded unit where they spend their small allotments of “recreation” time in individual cages surrounded by razor wire.

According to Taake:

“January 6’ers “rec” time is spent in what is literally like a hamster cage. As if we are guilty of severely heinous crimes. We are inside of a small cage behind a fence with razor wire on it, behind a wall with razor wire all over it, and we’re still pretrial. They’re one man cages and you are separated from the others.

We’re treated like second-class citizens here because we’re pretrial in a penitentiary, which is pretty unprecedented. And since we’re in a penitentiary, they keep us completely separated from everybody that’s actually been found guilty. Which that means that we don’t get to make use of the rec yard at all, we don’t get to go to the weight room, we don’t get to go to any church services. We don’t get to go to the library or the law library. There’s actually even a music studio here because it’s a penitentiary. We don’t get to do any of that.”

Taake is desperately turning to the public for help in obtaining proper legal counsel as he is being represented by a negligent leftist public defender. Please CLICK HERE to HELP Andrew Taake get out of Lewisburg Penitentiary.

It is Taake’s birthday on July 30th, and his mother is pleading with the public to send him hope and prayers here.

Listen to our exclusive phone call with Taake from the penitentiary by clicking the video below:

Exactly one year after his incarceration, Taake sits in United States Penitentiary, Lewisburg, in an isolated area of the prison that houses some of the United States most dangerous criminals. The facility was home to notorious criminals like John Gotti, Whitey Bulgar and a number of foreign terrorists. Its now houses five January 6’ers, deemed too “dangerous” for even DC Gitmo.

Taake and others like him await trial in a “jail limbo” of sorts- in segregated areas of prisons and jails created just for J6’ers in facilities like Lewisburg and DC Gitmo. They will be waiting a long time- many trial dates are not set until 2023 or later. The conditions in these areas are worse than the rest of the prison, as the inmates have no chance of a normal schedule or socialization due to their designation as a pre-trial January 6th defendant and Trump Supporter. For example, they eat meals alone in their cells rather than in a cafeteria like most of the prison does.

Taake on January 6th.

** CLICK HERE to HELP Andrew Taake get out of Lewisburg Penitentiary.

We reported last month on Taake, a 33 year old man who was turned into the FBI by a romantic match he met on the popular dating app ‘Bumble’. The unsuspecting Texan swiped right on a snitch and now faces decades in prison.

Taake’s potential date entrapped him into talking about January 6th before she turned him over to the Feds by asking “Were you near all the action?” prompting the off guard Taake to send over his whereabouts on the day as well as photos of himself at the protest. “Yeah, I actually wouldn’t have minded going to that,” she told him on the app as he sent her more photos of the day. According to Taake, his match posed as a fellow Conservative looking for love who was sympathetic to his political beliefs.  Taake does not believe he would be in jail if she hadn’t turned him in.

An unsuspecting Taake sent information and photos of himself on January 6th over to his Bumble match. He says she said she was a conservative and asked for information before turning him in.

** CLICK HERE to HELP Andrew Taake obtain counsel and send prayers.

“The current Regime encourages snitching and ratting out fellow Americans, just like they do in communist countries,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “The social validation people are getting for ratting people out is alarming. They are called ‘heroes’. It is sickening and un-American.”

Taake desperately needs funds for legal counsel as he is currently at the mercy of a leftist public defender that has not even shown him his video discovery after a year behind bars.

According to Taake:

“I have said since day one, I will stand for my JUST punishment with my head held high, as long as the officer who sprayed me with pepper spray as soon as I walked up near the building smiling and holding my hands up empty gets his due justice.  Same for the baton wielding, boot stomping officer who mangled my hand so badly, that I now am faced with having half my ring finger amputated as it is too far gone to ever repair.  What about officer Lila Morris who murdered Roseanne Boyland, by beating her relentlessly in the head with a baton (as seen on her own body camera footage I personally have watched), or Lt Michael Byrd  who shot Ashli Babbitt in cold blooded murder?  What of the officer I watched time concussion grenades to explode right by peoples’ heads, of which two other protesters were killed, and then lied about saying they died of “natural causes”?  When do the people murdered at the hands of Nancy Pelosi’s Storm Troopers get any justice?”

** CLICK HERE to HELP Andrew Taake obtain counsel and get rid of his leftist public defender.

To make things worse, Taake suffers from a medical condition where his body does not produce enough testosterone, but is refused medical treatment as a prisoner of the Biden Regime. According to Taake, the jail is quick to inject transgender prisoners with estrogen that are interested in changing genders, but will not give him his medically necessary testosterone that was prescribed to him years before his incarceration.

Taake also spoke about his best friend and beloved dog that has cancer, and coping with the fact that he will probably never get to see him again. We asked Taake- “What’s the hardest thing about being away, who do you miss the most?” His emotional response:

“I love my mom, but goddamn I miss my dog. It’s tough, you know. You hope that your family’s going to be around for a while but you know your dog’s not going to be. Your time limit with your best friend is a little more limited. I probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him. There’s times I’ve held him and cried, and he’s been the only thing in the world that’s really meant anything to me.”

Taake’s beloved dog is dying from cancer. It is unlikely Taake will see his dog again as his trial is not set for over a year from now.

Read the rest of our exclusive interview with Taake here:

GP: How many January 6ers are there with you?

Taake: Five of us now. Thomas Ballard, Dominic Pezzola, Doug Jensen, Sam Lazar.

GP: So you’re trying to raise money for a new attorney. You don’t have a trial date set. Do you feel hope in there? What keeps you strong?

Taake: Really just knowing this is all a bunch of garbage. That when we get out of this, we’ll be fine. Knowing this is not going to take us down. We’re not going to be here forever, a couple years if it turns out bad and we have to do some time, a few years, and we’ll be better off. Hopefully some good comes of this for the country so the people can see what’s going on with the clearly selective persecution. Hopefully it’ll wake people up to see… but if they don’t get their news from certain areas they have no idea what’s going on, you know. They only see the one-sided charade of the January 6 committee, and what CNN and MSNBC lie about on the constant.

So like our first four months here, we were locked down 24 hours a day, so that would be 24 hours a day, 3 days a week you would get out for 15 minutes or so to shower, which was actually not even legal. You’re supposed to have at least an hour out per day and that’s if you’re on lockdown for… like if we were disciplinary problems, or if we were on death row. You’re supposed to get at least an hour out a day, which we were not. So now it’s roughly half of the time we’re still locked down. Not to complain too much because I am a guy from Texas, I’m used to the heat, but we’re in a penitentiary which is for the worst of the worst, while it’s also the original one that they built that has no air conditioning. So you sit in a hot box of that time. So we’re literally just sitting there cooking for hours on end. And, you know, when you’re pretrial… this place is supposed to be meant for the people that are the worst of the worst but you have people here that are not even guilty having to go through that same stuff.

GP: What do you think about when you’re sitting in there (you’re in a box, it’s hot).. what goes through your mind all day long?

Taake: Try to stay busy on other stuff, reading books. Try not to dwell on the negative parts of that situation. Just read books, and try and write letters back to the people that write us.

GP: So you’re getting letters, that’s good.

Taake: Most of them, I believe. I mean, we don’t know what we don’t get. Sometimes I get stuff that’s a month or two old. Sometimes I’ve had people say, six months after I thought that they should have written me, they’re like ‘I’ve written you like two times’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, I haven’t gotten anything’ so… who knows.

GP: So your Bumble date. The girl that you met on Bumble is the one that turned you in. 

Taake: I didn’t even meet her but yeah, that’s who first put that tip out there.

GP: So would you caution people to be careful who they talk to on dating sites?

Taake: Yes. Yeah… cause even that person tried to claim on her profile that she was a conservative that was like, ‘Yeah, I actually wouldn’t have minded going to that’ before it happened.

GP: Do you think she was a federal agent possibly?

Taake: Who knows, who knows. I mean, I don’t know. I didn’t talk to the person and even if I talked to the person you can’t tell.

GP: Do you think you would have gotten picked up if it weren’t for that incident with Bumble?

Taake: No, no. Yeah, no. Cause yeah. I was there by myself, I didn’t talk to anybody. I wasn’t out bragging. There was nothing on social media. So unless they went through and started geo-locating every cellphone that was in there and figuring it out then no, they would not have.

GP: Why did you go there that day?

Taake: I mean, seeing decades of garbage. And it’s not just about an election, you know. Just everyday people like us get run around, we get lied to by congresspeople, we get told they’re going to do something for us, they’re going to fight for us, and they never do. It’s a multitude of things. You see how they want to take over schools, how they want to take over people’s kids, every bit of culture. Just tired of being treated like we’re less than, like we’re the deplorable. (Chuckles) And when you get a change to actually just go and speak your mind, like you’re supposed to with the first amendment, you take that chance. I’ve not really been one to go to protests. I’ve gone to a couple Trump rallies, but just thought it was a better time than ever to go. Been sitting around for a year because of Covid stuff, not going anything, out of work, and just thought it was a good time to go.

GP: What do you want America to know?

Taake: To just start demanding answers. If people aren’t standing up and demanding of their congresspeople to really start trying to get to the bottom of what really happened that day and start demanding all the videos to be released, and all of the communications of Pelosi to be released, then we’re never going to know. People have got to get together and start getting with the representatives to find out the information.

Cara Castronuova

Cara Castronuova is a co-Founder of C.A.P.P. (Citizens Against Political Persecution and The People’s January 6th Commission. She is an Activist, Investigative Journalist, 2-Time Boxing Champion, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Television Personality. You can watch her on Newsmax at 10PM EST every Saturday night on “Wiseguys”. You can follow her on & Twitter or Instagram  @CaraCastronuova. She is currently banned on Fakebook & suing them for defamation of character.  You can contact her via the C.A.P.P. website at www.CitizensAPP.us or www.caracastronuova.com if you have any tips or would like to volunteer.  She is also running for New York State Assembly (www.Cara4Assembly.com).

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.” Phil 4:13.



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