Jan. 6 Political Prisoner Ryan Samsel Convicted on Seven Counts – Ray Epps Who Was with Him Directing the Charge to the Capitol Walks Away a Free Man

In early December 2022, US political prisoner Ryan Samsel called The Gateway Pundit to tell us he has lost his phone privileges for several months starting tomorrow. The prison staff was outraged that The Gateway Pundit had exposed his horrific story of prisoner abuse to the American public.

Ryan, who has not even had his case tried in court and has sat in prison for over two years, has been beaten, hogtied, abused, tied to a chair for 12 hours, and denied medical treatment for his injuries and his pre-cancerous growths.

On March 21, 2021, after his arrest, Ryan was awakened by correctional officers, and his hands were zip-tied. Then they walked him to an unoccupied cell where he was brutally beaten by the officers. Ryan Samsel lost an eye in the beating. His face was smashed. The next day the guards beat him again.

Ryan was beaten so badly by the guards that he lost permanent vision in one eye and partial use of his arm.

** Please give to Ryan Samsel’s GiveSendGo account here.  This man desperately needs funding.

Ryan is one of several January 6 prisoners who have been held for over two THREE years in prison without ever being convicted of a crime.

Ryan told The Gateway Pundit in December, the prison officials told him, “Your stuff with Gateway Pundit has to stop.”  The staff mentioned TGP contributors Cara Castronuovo and Jim Hoft by name.

“They actually said Cara and they also said, Jim Hoft with the Gateway Pundit, that we need to stop reaching out [because] we are causing trouble,” Ryan said.

Ryan Samsel was filmed next to Ray Epps on January 6 before the first set of barriers were breached at the US Capitol. Ray Epps was also at the second set of barriers when they were breached outside the US Capitol.

Ray Epps who was standing next to Ryan Samsel that day did not receive a single day in prison.

On Friday a corrupt DC court found Ryan Samsel guilty for pushing over a policewoman when he ran through the bike rack barriers with Ray Epps. Ryan then went back to help the female officer up off the ground.

Now he will likely spend several years in prison for running up to the US Capitol with Ray Epps.

This is how democracy dies.

And, of course, the fake news is out lying about Ryan today after he was found guilty. Such dishonest people.

Politico reported:

Ryan Samsel and four codefendants, who arrived at the thinly guarded barricades surrounding Capitol grounds even before Donald Trump concluded an address to supporters down the street, were each convicted of participating in the “civil disorder” wrought by the mob and of assaulting one of several police officers who guarded that first line.

U.S. District Judge Jia Cobb issued the verdict three months after presiding over a bench trial of the five men, who also included James Grant, Stephen Randolph, Paul Johnson and Jason Blythe. Samsel, Grant and Randolph were also convicted of obstructing congressional proceedings, a felony charge that is now being scrutinized by the Supreme Court to determine whether it was meant to sweep in conduct alleged against Jan. 6 defendants.

Ryan earlier sent us a photo of a protester with a gun that day who has not been arrested.

Ryan Samsel pictured with J6 protester with a gun who has not been arrested.


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