J6 Political Prisoner Who Mocked Fauci Receives Death Threats — His Democrat Mother and Her Nursing Home Also Targeted

Brandon Fellows decided to channel his inner comedian by trolling Dr. Anthony Fauci and the committee’s cameras.

In a recent House Select Subcommittee hearing, a January 6th participant stole the limelight from Dr. Anthony Fauci, the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

Brandon Fellows, who was convicted for his role in the January 6 event, became an internet sensation after he completely blew up Fauci’s most important scripted moment during his congressional testimony.

Fauci, the embattled former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, faced tough questions over his handling of the COVID pandemic, including the enforcement of strict lockdowns and mask mandates that is merely based on assumptions, not on science.

Rep. Deborah Ann Dingell (D-MI) then asked Fauci about alleged death threats he had received. As Fauci began to respond, Brandon Fellows, convicted in August of one felony count of obstruction of an official proceeding and four misdemeanors for his role in the January 6 event, stole the show.

Positioned behind Fauci and clearly visible to the camera, Fellows made faces that quickly became an internet sensation. The video rapidly went viral, with numerous internet users applauding 29-year-old Fellows for his audacious trolling of Fauci during the hearing.


After mocking Fauci, Fellows told Fauci that he belonged in prison and was subsequently escorted out of the congressional hearing.


Brandon Fellows is a pro-MAGA protester who smoked weed in Senator Jeff Merkley’s office during the protest.  Fellows, who has described his incarceration as ‘awesome and very fun,’ was sentenced to three years this year for his role in the events of January 6. He was released from prison on May 20.

Upon learning who was sitting behind him after the hearing, Fauci asked: ‘What’s somebody like that doing at a hearing about COVID?’

In a Twitter/X post, Fellows wrote, “For every democrat hilariously freaking out that I was sitting so close to mass murderer Fauchi… Yes I’m a felon, but only until the Supreme Court dismissed the felony later this month. Look up the opening statements of USA V Fisher… My supervised release is about to end.”

In another post, he wrote, “I have the coolest and most chill probation officer! We had scheduled a meet up a week ago, met for the first time today. Libs, your efforts didn’t work. They recognize I did nothing wrong and though he probably wouldn’t admit it, I caught him smiling at the Fauchi video”

However, Fellows’ actions have now led to death threats against him and his democrat mother.

Fellows’ antics at the hearing have led to a surge in threatening messages directed not only at him but alarmingly at his mother and her nursing home as well. The young conservative’s mother, a declared Democrat, and her residence are now facing severe threats.

Fellows remains unapologetic and defiant despite the threats, asserting his right to speak freely and stand by his political beliefs.

“Mother had death threats and had her nursing home threatened to be attacked/ the residents inside who have nothing to do with this… BTW, mom is a democrat… I’ve received messages of threats and death threats as she has. She wants me to be silent, I will not. Trump 2024”

You can help Brandon Fellows by donating to GiveSendGo here.

According to his fundraising campaign organized by his mother, “My son, Brandon Fellows is a 29 year old federal prisoner from Schenectady, NY.  Among his many achievements, Brandon was a Christian camp counselor, student body senator, and kids wrestling team coach as a young man. Brandon suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome just like one of his heroes, Elon Musk. Despite this lifelong challenge, Brandon built a chimney business in the capital region of upstate New York.”


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