J6 Defendant and Founder of Condemned USA Sues Judge Juan Merchan and DA Alvin Bragg

Judge Juan Merchan with his daughter Lauren who is a leftwing activist and is using the trial to make money for Democrats.

In the heart of New York City, the legal landscape was about to witness a seismic clash of ideologies. The trial against former President Donald Trump was underway, but amidst the courtroom drama, a new player emerged: Treniss Evans of Condemned USA is once again rising to the occasion to thwart the obviously partisan trial efforts.

With a fervent belief in justice and democracy, Treniss again appears as a citizen challenging the legitimacy of the trial.

Treniss Evans is filing a lawsuit in federal court arguing that the ongoing proceedings are a direct affront to federal election laws and the impartiality of the judiciary, furthermore damaging Evans as a voter and his rights to unfettered elections.

A summons was swiftly issued for District Attorney Alvin Bragg, the prosecutor leading the New York effort, and Judge Juan Merchan, the presiding judge from the Federal Court in the Western District of Texas. Treniss saw them as key figures in what everyone knows to be a partisan crusade against Trump and vowed to hold them accountable.

Yet, for Treniss, this is more than just a legal skirmish—this is a battle for the soul of American democracy. Having already prevailed in the U.S. Supreme Court (see CondemnedUSA Amicus Curiae Brief Colorado Ballot), Evans stands emboldened in his quest to halt what he describes as the insanity of partisan actors manipulating the judicial process for their own ends.

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In the dark corridors of power, whispers of dissent grow louder. Politicians and pundits alike debate the implications of Treniss’s lawsuit, recognizing the potential to remind even judges of the critical balance of power between state and federal jurisdictions.

As the New York trial reaches a critical juncture, the fate of Donald Trump hangs in the balance. But for Treniss, the outcome is secondary to the larger battle for justice and fairness. Evans stated, “We the people have rights and free and fair elections is an understood expectation.” Evans went on to state, “Democrats and their partisan antics, be it January 6th cases or other nonsense, forced us to learn to fight back.” “A just end to this could simply not be more poetic!” “Condemned USA has many purposes and countless weapons to brandish in this labyrinth of legal conundrums.”

With the weight of the law on his side, Treniss vows to continue the fight, determined to stop the insanity of partisan actors. Their mission extends beyond this trial, aiming to ensure that the principles of democracy woven into the fabric of our constitutional republic remain sacrosanct in the face of adversity, a cause that resonates with many.

Treniss also noted that he is involved in numerous federal actions in response to Democratic-born efforts to undermine the American people and their choice for President. He said the next filing will come this week from a California-based arm of his team.


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