Inside J6 with Author and Journalist Jack Cashill – “In Years to Come, Jan 6 Will be Celebrated…Like the 4th of July”

Author and Columnist Jack Cashill – author of Ashli: The Untold Stories of the Women of January 6th

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This week on Blessed News ‘Inside J6’, I sat down with author and journalist Jack Cashill to discuss his long-running investigations into the real stories behind January 6th.  He has written numerous books. However, his most recent one is specifically about the events of that day.  “Ashli: The Untold Stories of the Women of January 6th.”  Cashill often states, “The real question is not why thousands of women went to Washington on January 6. The real question is why the rest of us did not.”

Although Cashill was not physically present in our nation’s capitol on January 6th, 2021, he began writing about the events in the following days. Cashill mentions that, for the first time ever, one of the publications he writes for edited out part of his article. The part they edited out was Cashill prophesizing that January 6th will go down as a celebrated “Mid-Year 4th of July.”

You can check out the podcast interview with Jack Cashill below.

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